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OK – seems I’m irritating my Mom a bit lately with my meowing. Well, maybe more than a little bit but I can’t help myself – honest! You see when Mom’s downstairs on the main floor where I usually hang out I’m happy. Mostly I’m either following her around or lying in her lap or on her legs snoozing.

No problem right?

If she goes down into my the basement I go down there to see what she’s up to. I have no problem going DOWN stairs.

But if Mom goes upstairs to the top floor where her studio and the computer and the bedrooms are, I get cranky. I stand at the bottom of the stairs and call her. I start out quiet….you know…..meow…..quietly…..if after five of the quiet ones I get no response then I turn up the volume…..like MEOW – just in case she didn’t hear me. I’ll do that for a while and usually Mom will yell downstairs “Sammy – I’m coming – soon!”……however usually she doesn’t so I notch it up even more…….MMMMMEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWW  (with several exclamations points). 

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

C’mon down here Mom!

Now I think this is perfectly acceptable.  Mom, however, doesn’t much care for it.  Sometimes she comes DOWNSTAIRS and picks me up and brings me upstairs but what I really want is for her to come downstairs.  Where I am.  Without relocating ME.   She thinks the reason (so does my vet guy) is because of my wonky leg – I have a touch of arthritis – nothing BIG but enough that when I go upstairs I have to use a different muscle than I do going downstairs (and my weight shifts differently).    Until we move to a new house which is mostly on ONE floor, I’m kinda stuck.   So Mom ferries me around from floor to floor.  I keep telling her we need an elevator.

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Going upstairs? Take me with you!!!!

I know I’m being a pain but I can’t help myself.   I’ve probably exaggerated just a TAD in my story here…..I mean it’s not like every time she’s out of my sight I scream – no – not at all – but if I WANT her near me I let her know.

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

I’m talking to you Mom – are you listening???

Just part of the wonderful world of getting older……………….my Mom even talked to the vet about it at my last checkup.  He says it’s normal behavior – what I really want to know is how can it be NORMAL behavior when I’m hardly a NORMAL cat????  I’m an EXCEPTIONAL cat….not a NORMAL cat.  I should think he would know that by now since he’s been taking care of me for thirteen years!

Excuse me while I go somewhere and pout…………and on top of all of this, today is monster day.  A guy just can’t relax around here!

Kitty Hugs and Happy Friday (anyway!)