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Fixin’ My Front Porch



You all know that I ADORE my front porch……..well, in the Spring it’s just about the best spot to be.  Why?   Everything is growing QUICKLY right now – so the sound (and smell) of  grass being mowed and  string trimmers humming and leaf blowers blowing is EVERYWHERE.   The sun shines on my front porch in the morning and that’s where you’ll find me sniffing my way through the morning  in the Spring.


Everything in my yard is going nuts right now………….the stuff in the front stone garden is growing by leaps and bounds and the azaleas are just about to pop…..the Bradford pears have flowered and thanks to some  high-ish winds the last day or two we had a snowstorm of blossoms in our front yard which really looked pretty…………..am I “waxing poetic” about Spring?  Yep….you betcha.

My favorite pink dogwood blooming!

My favorite pink dogwood blooming!

The only thing I wish Mom would get done that she hasn’t done yet is buy some pots of flowers for my front porch.  I love sniffing them, I especially love when hummingbirds come up for a visit and we haven’t seen any of them yet.   C’mon Mom!   You love to hangout at the nursery and  the other stores that sell plants so let’s  GET IT ON!

Potted plants on Sam's front porch.

Like this Mom….color – flowers – pots of stuff!

I wonder if the nursery would be surprised to see a little ginger cat pulling his Flexi-Flyer wagon wandering through the aisles shopping for plants……because if Mom doesn’t  get going soon I may just have to take a five mile hike with my wagon to find out !!!!!


Hugs, Sammy