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Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!  

I hope you didn’t eat too much Christmas food

or you won’t be able to wedge yourselves

into your little tiny desks today!


I hope you all had a happy holiday and are ready to tackle the tough work of guessing a Teaser photo!   ARE YOU?

I guess we’re about to find out right?    Today is our FINAL TEASER of the old year 2016 and I daresay a whole lot of you are happy to say BYE BYE to the old year and are ready to give a brand new year a run for the money.   I know that 2016 was not a good year for yours truly – I began failing and while I’d hoped to make it to Christmas I didn’t………..however, thanks to special permission by the powers that be at the Bridge, HERE I AM STILL TEACHING CLASS AND DOING TUESDAY TEASERS!!!     YAY!!!

Now before we start, please remember that if you are the very first person to COMMENT on today blog post – you will win a badge – – – – why don’t you hurry up and comment then come back and we’ll continue with class……….we’ll all wait for you right Class?   (la de da….hmmmmmm…….Scooby dooby dooooo……)  ARE YOU BACK?   Good.  Now on with the show.

Today we have a GUEST TEASER………….is it an easy one?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Lately I’m wrong when I say it’s tough – you wind up guessing it right away………..so let’s just take it one thing at a time…….before I show you the photo, let’s bring little Suzie (aka wacko) Q in for a cheer for the New Year!   SUZIE TAKE IT AWAY!

Out with the old year In with the new Gimme some champagne Or I'll step on your shoe! Your last chance of the year for a 2016 win You know you want a badge today so give the wheel a spin! I'm cheering for you so give it a try...... If you don't guess I might just have to CRY. Don't make the kitty sad It wouldn't be so wise So study the Teaser photo AND you might win a prize!

Out with the old year
In with the new
Gimme some champagne
Or I’ll step on your shoe!
Your last chance of the year for a 2016 win
You know you want a badge today so give the wheel a spin!
I’m cheering for you so give it a try……
If you don’t guess I might just have to CRY.
Don’t make the kitty sad
It wouldn’t be so wise
So study the Teaser photo
AND you might win a prize!

Thank you Suzie and I SOOOOOOOOOOO appreciate you keeping things “clean” for your last cheering session of the year!    Now let’s bring in Silver Briefcase DOOD for his final 2016 appearance…………….maybe we can buy him a new trench coat for the new year……….??!

Here's the final 2016 photo Professor.....as for the trench coat - I think the girls like me in my black coat and hat.....gives me that James Bond look! But thanks anyway......

Here’s the final 2016 photo Professor…..as for the trench coat – I think the girls like me in my black coat and hat…..gives me that James Bond look! But thanks anyway……

Now when you guess where this photo was taken class, remember you must guess what TOWN/VILLAGE/CITY as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) the photo was taken in!  GOT IT??    READY?


Now here’s the badge collection you can win today if you’re lucky………………………

First Commenter on this post:


First RIGHT GUESSER of the photo location:


Others who guess CORRECTLY but aren’t FIRST:


AND the ever popular GREENIE for those who guess incorrectly!


So get to work class……….the clock is ticking………..time is of the essence……………you want to win right?   Of course you do…………………GOOD LUCK!

Tune in tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!   Find out who wins what and whether or not Suzie gets to step on anybody’s shoes!    OUCH!


Good luck!  

Angel Professor Sammy

P.S.   Tomorrow is a special day in the blogosphere – a day when we will all honor our dear friend Easy Weimaraner who departed for the Bridge so tragically just before I left for the Bridge myself.   His Mom and Dad wanted to wait until Easy was “home again” to have a special day of his friends’ blogs of remembrance and that day has come as Easy is now home.    The Hop is being hosted by Dory’s Backyard (CLICK HERE) where all of us who wish to participate can link a special “Lighting the Way” blog in Easy’s honor.   Visit Dory for info!    You can simply post the photo lighting the candle for Easy or write something in his honor – whatever you want to do.    It’s just our way of saying WELCOME HOME Easy and honoring his life and being our friend.    You may use the below photo for your post or something else of your choosing.   Let’s all support Easy’s Mom and Dad and our forever friendship with Easy tomorrow………..


Sammy’s Post-NYE Party



Happy New Year everyone!    So glad you could make it……………………I decided to host a “new years day recovery” spot for all of you who maybe partied a BIT too much as well as those of you who came to party some more to celebrate with me my 16th birthday.    SO, pull up a bed if you need one, or hit the buffet table…………mimosas, hot chocolate, just help yourself and let’s bring in the new year together!

Sam's Birthday 2012

Can you tell I’m excited?

First a thank you to my friends who sent me birthday cards yesterday!   WOO HOO!!!!   I started celebrating yesterday which was totally cool……………!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now please help yourselves to the breakfast buffet if you’re hungry…………………………!

YUM......fresh fruit!

YUM……fresh fruit!

Fresh baked pastries!

Fresh baked pastries!

Homemade blueberry bread!

Homemade blueberry bread!

An omelette station - just add what you like!

An omelette station – just add what you like!

Shrimp and grits?

Shrimp and grits?

Yummy casseroles....

Yummy casseroles….

Breakfast pizza? Oh yeah!

Breakfast pizza? Oh yeah!

Bacon -mania! YAY!

Bacon -mania! YAY!

Breakfast sausages....

Breakfast sausages….

Seafood galore if that's your favorite!

Seafood galore if that’s your favorite!



Bloody Sammys (hahaha)

Bloody Sammys (hahaha)

Fruit Juices of ALL kinds!

Fruit Juices of ALL kinds!

Hot chocolate bar

Hot chocolate bar

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea

AND….when you choose to snooze?


Save some room for a little bit of SWEET after you eat!

Minion cupcakes.......

Minion cupcakes…….

Lemon poppyseed birthday cupcakes!

Lemon poppyseed birthday cupcakes!

When you feel ready to leave,

go knowing your pal Sammy

appreciated you stopping by

to celebrate the new year and

his SWEET SIXTEEN birthday party!  

Love you all, Sammy

Thanks for coming!!

Thanks for coming!!


The Eve Of Sixteen



Hello Friends and Pals and Fans and even those of you who accidentally found your way here – HELLO TO YOU TOO!    Happy New Year’s Eve!    But it’s not just that – it’s also the “eve of 16” for me.   Wanna know something?   I didn’t think I’d make it.   Not that I was particularly SICK this year or anything……………true when I lost a ton of weight and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism Mom had a FIT but we’ve got that pretty much worked out between us.   I “mostly” take my pill when I need to…………………………mostly.



I think it’s just that this past year we’ve seen SO many of our dear friends go to the Bridge………..many of them have been around my age or even younger………a few older but not many.  Sixteen seems to be a “ripe old age”…………well, guess what………..I don’t intend to go anywhere!    Now I know that these things can happen quickly when they do (and actually when my time comes I hope it is quick!)………but I’m having too much fun to go anywhere!

I love Tuesday Teasers

I love blogging every single day

I love having friends around the world

I love sharing the fun I have in my life

I love my Mom and Dad

I Love My Life!

So please remember to help me celebrate the occasion of sticking another candle on my birthday cake tomorrow morning………….I’ll have a celebration breakfast for everyone.   If you have been partying on NY Eve you’ll have some coffee and a little breakfast at my place.   I’ll make sure there’s no loud music…….I even remember LAST birthday when I had a similar celebration and I provided lots of nice comfy beds for those of you who needed some sleep………..I’ll do that again this year.   Come recover at my house……….and celebrate me turning SWEET SIXTEEN!


See You In 2016?

Love, Sammy



The Morning After……



Come on in everybody!    The music is gonna be quiet (don’t let the DJ fool you, he’s just playing slow songs and sleepy tunes to keep the mood MELLOW!)………………and please help yourself to my delicious breakfast buffet.


Help yourselves!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today I turned FIFTEEN so not only are we celebrating a brand new year, we’re celebrating a brand old cat.  HAHAHAHA   Just kidding.  I feel great if the truth be known and I hope to stay this way for a long time to come.

If you want to head out on the dance floor to cruise around to some nice quiet music, please do.   Those of you who simply can’t resist having a niptini (even though I think most of you have had your fill already!!!!  hic hic) there’s a bar………!

SamBirthdayDance5 SamBirthdayDance4 SamBirthdayDance


Then to make sure that those of you who simply want a soft place to curl up and recover before you head home – I’ve got THAT for you too!   Lots of spots where you can take a snooze and nobody will bother you I promise!


The youngest attendee of my breakfast buffet is my little buddy and honorary nephew, Siddhartha who was lucky enough to be adopted by Miss Sherri-Ellen who was Mom to Angel Nylablue!    Little Siddhartha is obviously all tuckered out – it’s his very first party AND please tiptoe around him while he catches some Z’s as only the young and innocent can!!


I did get some birthday cards that I’ll share with you here………….if more come rolling in today I’ll add them to the slideshow and have a “re-run” tomorrow.  I received two cards in the mail too from my friends Charles and Andy – both buddies of mine from Cat Scouts!!!    THANK YOU to everyone who sent me an email or a card or a message on Facebook.   I would not still be blogging if not for all of you…………I’d be in a retirement home for kitties!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, have fun…………enjoy yourselves and be careful heading back home because a lot of crazies are still out there and STILL PARTYING from last night………………..!

I love each and every one of you………you can count on that.   Let’s hope 2015 is a better year……..OK?

Your Fifteen Year Old Friend,


Don’t forget this is a COMMENTATHON blog today to benefit Marg’s Animals

and poor Joe the Donkey so comment PURLEASE!!!!

Resolutions? What’s That?

Napping with Mom on the recliner

New Years Resolutions? Huh?

Huh?  What exactly is all this “resolution” stuff anyway?  I know humans like to use the arrival of a new year as a reason to make a lot of promises to themselves and others about things they want to do.   I kind of think that we animals live in the moment and don’t plan stuff – we just ARE…..so we don’t need to make resolutions – do we!  

But in the spirit of the need humans have to go through this annual ritual, I’ll try to be a good sport and “play along”…..after giving it a whole lot of though (you can tell by the photo of me that I’m really thinking hard) here are some ideas I’ve come up with for ME:  

  1. I’m going to try harder not to fling litter all over the place when “flushing” in my litter box so Mom doesn’t have to sweep it all up and put it back in the box.
  2. I’m going to try to be neater with my toys and quit hiding them under furniture where my poor old Mom has to crawl around on the floor looking for them. 
  3. I’m going to spend even more time on my Mom’s lap having naps and being companionable because I know my Mom loves for me to lie on her legs and keep her warm.

Hmm….nothing very earth-shattering there on my list is there.  I should be able to do ALL of those things with no problem – right?

OK – I have to admit – this “resolution” thing wasn’t so hard to do.  If I can do it – then YOU can do it…..so what do you say my friends?  Do you have any resolutions in mind?  Huh?????????????

Happy Friday!