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Pre-Tease Monday


Happy New Year’s Eve Morning (or something like that anyway!)

We hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you’ve been stuffing yourselves with leftovers and candy and all kinds of things that will add about 20 lbs. to your weight so that you can make a New Year’s Resolution that you won’t keep – – – – TO LOSE WEIGHT!    HAHA    Our Mom goes through that one every single year.   She asks Santa for GODIVA and gets it then bemoans the fact that she (voluntarily mind you!) eats it all and becomes roly-poly.    Well, I tell her it’s just more of her to love!!!

Now back to the business at hand.  Tomorrow will be New Years Day………..the beginning of 2019.    Some of you may not even have been to BED yet when you see the photo but you must persevere!    You must give it the old Ding Dong try!


I hear snoring from the back of the room.    Too much partying.    It catches up to us.

Before we do our Rules and show you the New Years Badges we have on offer tomorrow, we have been mulling over the possibility of not having classes on Mondays anymore.   Everyone knows about Teaser Tuesday – and we will continue with that no matter what, but maybe we don’t NEED a “prep class” on Monday?    We can post the rules and badges on the Tuesday Teaser post before we show the photo.    Whatcha think????    We will do whatever you all want.

Just tell us what you think about Pre-Tease Monday and we’ll keep it or not depending on YOU!

So here’s the rules you all know so well for guessing tomorrow’s photo location…………!

AND – here are the badges you could win if you are sharp as a tack tomorrow when we show you the Teaser photo!!!

Cheer Team?   Do you have a New Year’s Eve cheer for the students????   I know you have some big hot tub party to host tonight but thanks for squeezing out some time to cheer on the students!

Scooby Doo
Happy New Year’s Eve to you!
We’re getting ready to party with our buddies
And all of YOU have to stay up late and STUDY!
You’d better stay home and get some rest
For students like you, that’s really the best!
No hangovers for you because you all are so GOOD
While we get crazy and have fireworks in the ‘hood!

Well team the idea is to cheer everyone up not depress them but hey – you’re distracted I’m sure because you’re excited about tonight’s festivities.   Well Happy New Year Cheer Team and remember YOU HAVE TO BE HERE IN THE MORNING TOO!

WHICH REMINDS ME – remember tomorrow’s Teaser post will be at a random surprise time – NOT the normal blog time!

I’m already tired just thinking about tomorrow!

We’ll drink to that!  But then we’ll drink to anything!


OK class – let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch.   Miss Dingleberry is still not back from her – er – um – ultimate makeover.

Hello Students……me again…..your Swedish Substitute Chef!   Please enjoy your lunch!

New Year’s Eve Lunch Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll see you next year (tee hee)!   Your Professors…………


Bakin’ With Bacon for New Year’s Eve!


Welcome to Baconia!   

You are in the castle kitchen with THE KING!

Yes indeed.   Here we are on another Saturday getting ready for New Year’s Eve tomorrow night and I thought instead of some exotic and difficult BACON recipe, I’d give you a super easy and really delicious appetizer that you’ve all heard of but maybe have never made before???    The Baconian Castle Chef makes these for special occasions and they are delish!

Oui, Oui, I make these for YOU my King!!

No doubt if you are having a crowd over for New Year’s Eve you will be making a lot of different goodies – I know back in the day when my Mom and Dad used to entertain for NYE Mom would just make a whole lot of appetizers and THEY would be the “meal”…………you can definitely get FULL with appetizers.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates


1 lb. of bacon (cut in half)

4 ounces Bleu Cheese

1 lb. dates (if you can get pitted ones that’s pawsome but if not, you can pit them)


Preheat oven to 375.   Prepare baking dish or cookie sheet with sides (to hold the grease from the bacon).   You can line your pan/sheet with foil for easier clean up if you wish but not necessary.

If you have to pit your dates, slice them in half and open – remove pit – pinch off pieces of bleu cheese from the block of cheese and insert in the centers and “close” the dates.   Wrap a half slide of bacon around the date and secure with a toothpick.   Put all the dates in your baking dish/cookie sheet and bake for 30-40 minutes until bacon is crisp.   You should turn them over after 20 minutes or so to cook bacon evenly.

VOILA – that’s it – take them out and let them cool…………..you actually can eat them WARM or COLD – doesn’t matter – they are good either way but I bet they are BEST when warm!

New Years Eve is an exciting time – people like to think of it as the night before a brand new start………..well, let’s just say we can only hope that’s true – many people have said 2017 let them down or that they thought it was a very bad year.    I think of it as a good year because I – your King – found my FOREVER HOME in February of 2017.    I have “come a long way baby” since then.

I was 11 months old when I was adopted and this photo was taken on my FIRST day in my new home!


I have filled out a bit……..tee hee.   I weighed 8 lbs. when I was adopted and I now weigh about 18 lbs.!

Anyway, I am hoping that all of you celebrate the New Year carefully and responsibly – I would expect citizens of Baconia to do no less!    We will be having a little party here tomorrow in addition to our Sunday Selfie Blog Hop with The Cat On My Head………… It will be New Year’s Eve and we can’t just let that slip by without a bit of a PAR-TAY.

Before you leave the castle – please help yourself to a cookie and hot chocolate????  

Your King!


Tuesday Teaser


New Year’s Eve Tuesday Teaser!

Yep I just bet you thought I wouldn’t do a Teaser this Tuesday BUT remember I squeezed one out LAST Tuesday and that was Christmas Eve!!!    So I’m giving you a Teaser to round out the year of 2013.  Tomorrow on the first day of the new year I’ll let you know if anyone guessed it, and if they did, who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

Until tomorrow though, you have a chance to examine this old photo………..see if you can tell me WHERE this was taken (specifically) OK?  Ready?


Give me your best and final shot of Teaser Stardom for the year 2013 – you might be the winner of this PAWSOME special “First Right Guesser” badge for the FINAL Tuesday Teaser of 2013 !!!


Everyone else who guesses it right gets this one………….

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And even if you don’t guess it right, you get this one!   Everybody gets SOMETHING at Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser-Rama !   HAHAHA

"I didn't have a clue but I get an award anyway!"

“I didn’t have a clue but I get an award anyway!”

Oh – and please be safe if you’re going out partying tonight OK?   I know I’m going to make a brief appearance at a pawty or two but want to get home early so I can get my rest….you see, I have my own pretty big occasion to celebrate tomorrow – my 14th birthday!   On your way home tomorrow morning from party land, stop by and have a bit of breakfast…….or a nap……..or just say HI……..I love all of you to bits so I’d be honored to have you come by and help me celebrate.


Good luck with the Teaser – have fun tonight – and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Party Hearty but be Safe

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Sammy 🙂



Rockin’ New Year’s Eve!


ARE YOU READY?????????   We’re going to start partying tonight and not stop until AFTER my birthday tomorrow!


I’ve been doing some party preparations around here…….typical stuff you need for a New Year’s Eve party you know……….

Getting ready for the new year!

Let’s see….confetti, uh huh…. lampshades in case someone decides to wear one….yep I’m set!

My parents aren’t going anywhere for New Year’s Eve – Mom’s still sickly and while they used to go out to party hearty on NYE in their youth, now that they’re “pawrents of a certain age” they just stay home – watch TV – crack open a bottle of bubbly at some point to toast the new year and go to bed early.  That’s when MY party will start!  YAY! 

Balloons...of course!

Balloons…of course!

Hats - definitely!!

Hats – definitely!!

Remember to stop by my place tomorrow for my birthday party – I know that’s a whole lot of partying for you but we blogging buddies are:


Right??????????  Right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever you do, don’t forget that Savannah from Savannah’s Paw Tracks is having her very first GOTCHA DAY celebration on January 3rd – if you don’t have that pawty on your calendar you’d better put it on there RIGHT NOW!  
Now – go grab some snacks and dance around the living room – just try to do it a little bit quietly so we don’t wake the old folks! 😉  😉

New Years Eve Preparations!

Getting ready for the new year!
Confetti…check!…lampshade for head….check!

Happy New Years Eve

Here I am, standing in the middle of my newspaper and tissue collection, spending the morning getting party preparations lined up for New Years Eve!  Got the confetti stuff (blue is my color don’t you think?)….got my lampshade for my head so I can truly be the life of the party (I hear humans wear lampshades when they get really crazy)……let’s see – what else do I need?  I have plenty of tissue and newspaper for shredding and I don’t drink champagne (ick) but I certainly will raise a glass of milk as the new year rings in at midnight. 

I’ll be ringing it in on my own though because my parents never make it until the big ball falls in Times Square.  They plan on having a big dinner tonight (which I’ll get a scrap or two of for sure!) with a nice roast and yorkshire pudding and a bottle of champagne……that will put them to sleep early.  I’ll make myself comfy on Mom’s recliner with the remote for the TV handy and flip around the channels watching all the celebrations going on!  My favorite though is watching the party in Times Square. 

THEN…………..tomorrow morning will come and it will be my  birthday!  So much excitement all rolled into one weekend.  WOW. 

So what kind of New Years Eve plans to your humans have???  Are they party goers or party poopers like my Mom and Dad?

Happy New Year From Sammy the New Years Eve Party Boy!!