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Tuesday Teaser


Woo Woo!!!   Yep you know what today is don’t you?!   Tuesday Teaser time.  Clean those computer screens because here we go again.

This time we have a group of THREE photos for you to inspect.  These were all taken in ONE city on ONE trip.  Yes there are clues – but I don’t think too many – maybe just enough.  It’s up to you to decipher and inspect and come up with your best guess.  You know there’s only ONE “first guess” winner but there are lots (usually) of “BIG SAMMY HUG” winners if you guess the right place.  OK?  Ready?  Here we go.


You know you can “bigify” the photos if you want to………and maybe that will give you more clues.  Then here’s what’s at stake…………..for the “First Guesser” there will be this:


And the rest of you who guess the location of the Teaser photos will get:


How’s that for excitement?  Remember LAST week’s “First Guesser” was Ranger and the week before it was Easy…..are you all gonna let THEM duel it out between them or are you going to get in on the action HUH????????

Now only that but my Mom finally FINALLY (yes I really mean at long last) bought a new desk chair to replace the drawing desk stool she’s been sitting on for YEARS and YEARS here in her office.  She’s still using her drawing table as a desk (which is silly and she intends to get a REAL desk soon) but in the meantime, Dad talked her into getting a couple of really nice and comfy chairs for the office.   I have given them the Sammy Seal of Approval.

Nice new chair and crummy old drawing table

Nice new chair and crummy old drawing table

Nice and squishy and comfy on the tushie!

Nice and squishy and comfy on the tushie!


Gee – how much excitement can one old cat take huh?   Well, now that I’ve put the Teaser into your capable hands, I’ll go curl up and take a nap.  A guy needs his energy to get through the day you know!

GOOD LUCK ON THE TEASER!  Remember you have all day to guess and tomorrow I’ll do the Teaser Tell All and we’ll just see who gets that “First Correct Guesser” award…………… 😀 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy the Teaser Guy

Pee Ess……….Today is Mollie and Alfie’s Mom’s birthday so PULEEZE stop by and wish her a Happy Happy one will you?????  I’m SURE she’d appreciate that!