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Resting and Nesting


WOW……well, what can I say except what a great Valentine’s Day yesterday was!    Sundae and I had fun at the Queen of Hearts Ball – we danced almost every dance except for the one I had with Nellie – she had penned me in on her dance card and I was honored to have a chance to dance with the Queen herself.   Sundae knows Nellie is a special friend of mine……….


……..I had time to stop by both the Tabby Cat Club for THEIR Valentine’s Pawty and spend some time at Cat Scouts with all the various celebrations there.  It was a long day and I’m pooped.   Today I’m having my usual bacon breakfast but after that……….

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Today Mom and I will be working on the Moon Trip.  We really do have a lot of arrangements to make AND we’re going to start loading up the entries in the contests that we’ve received so far….that way we won’t be rushing around last minute with THAT, plus packing for the trip, plus getting our spacesuits dry cleaned for the journey (hmmm……I wonder if we should be dry cleaning those????).   So much to do.   Please remember everyone that we leave February 27th and all entries must be in to me by February 24th!!!    I know it’s only February 15th but you know how fast time flies…….need a refresher on what’s going on for the trip? CLICK HERE!

Our spaceship "Ralph" !

Our spaceship “Ralph” !

Mom and Dad are still dealing with the snow here…….Dad tramped out through two feet of drifted snow to feed the birdies yesterday afternoon though which I thought was very nice of him to do (actually Mom “encouraged” him to do it for her…..) so the birds enjoyed their Valentine’s Day with lots of sunflower seeds.   I think they are already wishing for Spring – Mom saw a few birds checking out some of the birdhouses we have around the back yard……scoping out the nesting possibilities early!   We in fact have a chance of about an inch of snow TODAY and we got another “dusting” of the white menace last night.  No biggie though.   Sigh.

Yeah....we got a bit of snow the other day......Dad handled it like a trooper!

Yeah….we got a bit of snow the other day……Dad handled it like a trooper!

I think I’ll head back to Mom’s lap…….still recovering you know……..although I gotta say I did some heavy duty dancing yesterday – not bad for a 14 year old arthritic ginger guy !  🙂

Happy Caturday!  



Colder Than Cold


Hi All!   Well we’re in the middle of another one of those impossible cold snaps here………….five degrees yesterday morning – one degree the day before – silly stuff and colder than our usual temps here in Virginia for this time of year.  I’ve been staying inside – I may not be the smartest cat in the universe but I’m no dummy!  I know inside is the place to be.

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I really haven’t even ASKED to sniff outside – I can tell it’s COLD out there…….our heat has been on almost constantly (no complaints there – I have my favorite heat registers throughout the entire house!!!).   The snow we got a few days ago hasn’t gone ANYWHERE…..although my Dad did get out there with the snowthrower and throw some snow around on our driveway.


Today is housecleaning day and I’m glad because my favorite tissue pile is looking kind of raggedy.  Dad and I played on it yesterday and I accidentally tore the tissue a bit……Mom changes my tissue once a week on cleaning day so it’s no biggie that it’s torn – time for some new stuff anyway!  That my friends should be the highlight of my day…………….because it being Friday and it being FREEZING out there, I’m not going anywhere ANYWAY!

Have a fabulous Friday – even if you’re not “colder than cold” !

Brrrrr…….Sammy the Iceberg!

Pee Ess   A little funny photo for your entertainment…..yesterday on Cat Scouts our Denmaster asked us to submit a photo of our Patrol “Trumpetmaster” – well, we don’t HAVE one in our Patrol and it was the first we’d heard of this – but because we were pressed for time, I decided to stick my paw up and volunteer to be the TEMPORARY Trumpetmaster until we can force some other cat in our Patrol get another cat in our Patrol to volunteer.    So what do you think????


Take It Slow Thursday


Hi All !

Seems like a busy past few days – I’ve needed to nap more than usual but you know how I love my naps right? Any excuse for one – that’s ME alright!

Snoozing on the stairs

See? Taking things nice and SLOW!

Sometimes I break up the napping ritual to go outside and visit the garden……especially Mom’s buddleia (aka butterfly bush) with the big purple flowers on it. Yesterday afternoon there were TEN of them on the plant – yellow and black swallowtail butterflies and one painted lady. I only know the names of the butterflies because of my little neighbor buddies who live next door. They are SO smart about stuff even though they’re only 6 and 8. They know EVERYTHING. Just about.

Here’s one of my official butterfly experts!

Anyway, I sit under the bush and just watch the butterflies – although there was a time when I’d leap up and try to grab one in both paws……and once in a while I DO catch one but I let it go right away….I’m just making sure I don’t lose my touch!!! I guess you could say I practice “catch and release”…..HAHAHAHAHA Mom was too lazy to go out and take a photo of me under the bush yesterday but this is me watching butterflies in my garden a few years back – – can you see me? I’ve shown you this photo before and you have to look pretty darn hard to see me!!!!

Test your eyes! Look carefully - I'm there!

Look real hard and you’ll see me sniffing the flowers!


Yesterday I screamed on the stairs long and hard until my Dad came down to play with one of my wand toys that just happened to be lying on the stairs (thanks to me dragging it up there) waiting for a human being to pick it up and tease me with it.  Mom kept trying to capture me on film so of course I look like I could care LESS about the toy but really I had a fantastic time playing with Dad.  It’s a wand with a looooooooooooooong piece of fleece attached to it and it’s great.  I love it.

SamandDadStairs1 SamandDadStairs2


The only other big thing that happened yesterday is Mom made a cheesecake (yes Easy – a CHEESECAKE!).  I got to lick the spoon!  WOO HOO!  Today I’m hoping to have a tiny bit of it for breakfast……a guy can always hope right?

Happy Thursday – Take it SLOW – like me!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Wet, Wet, and More Wet


Hi Everyone!

Holy cow did we ever get a LOT of rain yesterday.  I’ve been reading on some of your blogs that it’s either so hot you can barely stand it or you’re getting drenched with rain like me – what’s with that?  Huh?

It's happening again like it did a while back - I'm glad I'm on a hill!  EEEEEK!

It’s happening again like it did a while back – I’m glad I’m on a hill! EEEEEK!


It’s supposed to be better next week.  But I’ve heard THAT one before.   Are any of us ever really, truly HAPPY with our weather anymore?   Maybe it’s time we start a petition to give to the weather guy.

I’m trying to make the best of it though………playing with my toys, napping a lot, pestering Mom at every opportunity, catching up on reading YOUR blogs…….the usual “making the time pass” kind of stuff.  But honestly, it’s not easy sometimes.  I’d kinda like to go outside and munch a little greenery, perhaps play in a puddle – continue searching for the missing Freddy the Frog (alas I think he’s moved away permanently)……but all I do is look out the window and WAIT.

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Tomorrow is SUNday…..do you think because it’s called SUNday that maybe – just MAYBE – we might have some sun?????

A guy can only hope…………….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😦

I just joined a Bloggy Hop on Ranger’s blog….wowzers – my first one – hope I did it right!

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Touch Base Thursday


Hi Peeps!  Happy Thursday everybody.  We had a super duper Fall day yesterday around here.  My two favorite maples in the back yard are really getting pretty…….

Backyard tree in fall

Photo of one of our maples from last Fall….this one isn’t QUITE this colorful YET!

Seems to me we just might have a bit of an early Fall.  No complaints here!

The sun goes down and when the leaves are gone I can SEE the colorful sunset…..

Remember a while ago I said my parents were going to get a new car and I “probably” wouldn’t be allowed to hop up on it in the garage like I did with the old car?  Remember that?  Well, guess what arrived just in time for my Mom’s birthday Tuesday – uh huh – the new car.  Made for a mighty nice birthday present for her, but when I went out into the garage Tuesday night for my night time “spy from the top of the car and look out the garage door” peek, MY CAR WAS GONE!  In its place was this sleek new car with all new smells AND it’s hood slopes down and there’s no way I can get on top of it.  Not that I won’t try, mind you, but so far, I’m not really interested.  Mom and Dad are probably glad of that actually.  In my 13 years of hopping up on the old car and sometimes sleeping on the roof (!!) and always spying out the garage doors (especially after dark), I never put a scratch on it.  Never – not once! 

Now that I’ve got a bit of a “wonky knee” (as the vet calls it), I don’t leap around like I used to anyway……..so I’ve decided to stick with my OTHER spy spot which is on top of the lawn tractor.  The seat is mighty comfy AND it’s low to the ground and an easy hop up and down.

The garage....Sam likes to hop up on ANY of the vehicles and nap

The Cadillac is now gone (sniff), but the Tractor seat AND the Blazer are both available for garage cruising!

I’ll try to get Mom to take a photo of the new car so I can show it to you.  I have to admit, it’s pretty slick looking!!  It’s a 2013 Buick LaCross.

I spent a bit of time yesterday in my tent……..I hope all of you who decided to TRY having a tent for a nap have make your wishes known to your humans – tents are GREAT for naps.  But if you think about it, a nap anywhere you find it can be GREAT…..right?

Love my tent on Mom’s studio couch…..zzzzzzz

Have a super day gang………….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀