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Gone Camping


TGIF!  Hi Peeps……thanks to everyone who commented on my blog yesterday that they liked my “illuminating” story about humans adopting animals and how I came to live with my OWN personal human entourage!   🙂

Thursday was an incredibly HOT day – again.  We’re certainly on a roll with hideously hot temperatures and because of that I’m on strike – I won’t go back outside again until we get below 100 for a high temperature!  I TRIED to go outside this morning on the shady front porch but honestly it was just too HOT.  Sticky hot.  Yucky hot.  Fry-your-pink-toesies-on-the-porch hot.  I’ve spent a majority of the day in my afghan tent which I politely asked Mom to make for me in her studio after my frustrating attempt to get some fresh air this morning………..I don’t look TOO miserable – do I ???

Fooled ya Ma! Turned away from the nosy old camera at the last second! Tee Hee!


This afghan tent thing is getting to be a daily habit of mine.  Mom insists on “un-making” my tent every evening on her way to bed.  You’d think she’d figure out that I will be using it EVERY DAY wouldn’t you?  I pretend like I’m camping out – which I understand involves a tent and “getting away from it all” which humans usually do in a campground or park or something but I prefer to do in a nice, cool, air-conditioned house!  I’m still camping OUT – only I’m IN – right?  😀

You might remember this other tent of mine – I still have it but really I prefer being up in Mom’s studio in my afghan tent.

Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

My “other” tent…..this was one of the first toys I had when I came to live here….so it was before I discovered the joys of afghan tent camping!


Now if I can just train Mom to bring me some treats from time to time, and maybe put an extra litter box up here in her studio so I don’t have to go ALLL the way down two floors to the basement to use “the facilities” ……I’d have it made……the ultimate camping trip.  😉

How are you  keeping cool if it’s super hot where you are like it is here?  Have you ever gone camping indoors like I do????? 

Kitty hugs, Sammy The Camper