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Meownday Morning…..


Happy Monday Peeps!


Interesting photo huh?  Looks like a square cat shoved inside a square box fitting perfectly “square” inside.  😀   I kind of tricked Mom.  I was nice and cozy in her studio under my favorite afghan up on the couch…..then just as she got ready to snap the picture I ducked my head behind the dark pillow.  Sneaky aren’t I??

I hope your Father’s Day was as nice as ours was.  The weather was PURRFECT, Dad’s presents were PURRFECT (he loved his new shirts from ME), amd our grilled/smoked chicken dinner outside on the deck was PURRFECT.  After Dad got the chicken cooked on the grill, my parents stayed outside and I got under the umbrella table and Mom gave me a couple little chunks of chicken to nibble.  I’m not a big chicken fan, but I wanted to join in the fun my parents were having – besides I have to admit, the chicken smelled fabulous after Daddy smoked it with apple chips on the charcoal grill.  Mom says Daddy is a “Grillmeister” – whatever that is.  I think Daddy had a great day.

What did you do to celebrate the day – and if you didn’t have a Father’s Day celebration, what did you do for your Sunday activity? 

Don’t forget tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday.  I’m working on it.  I promise not to make it too tough (tee hee).  

Kitty Hugs and High Fives, Sammy 😀

Remember Pet Rocks??

Sam napping in the guest room

Snoozing on the guest room bed....on a quilt my Auntie Carol made.....

One of the favorite napping positions of a cat (so I hear) is this one…..curled up in a little ball – nose to tail – conserving body heat…..nice and neat and compact!  Right?  Mom said yesterday (much to my confusion) that I looked just like a PET ROCK she used to have many years ago.

Pet rock?  Huh?  Apparently back a million years ago when she was young (tee hee) someone had a brilliant idea how to make a bunch of money by finding smooth round rocks and painting cats on them.  Not just cats – other stuff too – but we cats often curl up in a ball to sleep and so we made a perfect “model”  for these pet rocks. 

Last night on TV Mom and Dad were watching the international channel and the Japanese station was featuring (are you ready?) a family that lives in a mountainous area in Japan where there’s a lot of snow in the winter…..they live by a river…..and throughout the snowy days they all sit inside their house and paint cats on smooth river stones they’d collected the rest of the year.  They sell them in stores and they are quite popular.  How cool is that?  They were really neat – very colorful and beautifully painted. 

Mom still has her pet rock from long ago.   She says she hasn’t seen them in shops for many years but it sounds like a way FUN thing to do with a smooth stone don’t you think?  Meanwhile, I guess I can continue to be her personal PET ROCK…..curled up in a ball in the sunshine, making her remember “the old days” which in turn always makes her smile REAL BIG.

Sammy, The Pet Rock 🙂


Reclining on the Recliner

Napping on Mom's lap (as usual)

Some photos need no explanation.....zzzzzz.....

I’m sure ya’ll get tired of hearing me talk about my naps…..even though they are a HUGE part of my life (and getting moreso as I get older!) – but really, what’s more relaxing for humans OR their companions than knowing they can grab some “Zs” in safety and complete comfort?  Hmm? 

Today’s going to be a lazy kind of day anyway.  My parents are leaving me later this morning to drive out into the country to meet my Auntie Carol and her visiting daughter Barbara (from some place far away called California) for lunch.  When my parents aren’t home, I just curl up somewhere – like their bed – and WAIT.   Waiting leads to napping of course….and my naps are usually pretty long (assuming the doorbell doesn’t ring) so by the time I’m ready to wake up – they will be home I’m sure.  Then I’ll lay on the usual guilt trip for leaving me ALL ALONE….sniff…..with my meows of gratitude and cute faces when actually I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet of having the house all to myself! 

So you guys know where I like to have MY naps around here – what’s YOUR favorite nap spot?  Huh?  Maybe you’ll give me some new ideas for nap locations………….I’m always up for that!

Hope your day is as comfy as mine is gonna be……

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

“The Gray Ghost”…..A Mystery Visitor!

zzzzz.....snoozin' on Mom's leg....zzzzz

Mom's leg makes a good pillow....zzzz......

Morning Peeps!  Not much happening around the old house this morning.  Daddy’s gone flying, Mom’s doing laundry – my visiting cat friend Stevie has been and gone…..sigh…..what’s a guy to do except grab a nap????

There was one tiny bit of excitement around here yesterday though come to think of it.  Mom saw me sitting at the front door looking out the sidelight window so she assumed I was makin’ eyes at Stevie on the porch……..she came to look and instead of Stevie, there was a cat we’ve never seen before!  It was just sitting there staring at me and vice versa…..short-haired smokey gray cat just sitting there, pretty as you please, on MY front porch staring at me!  Something tells me word is out in the neighborhood that there’s an extremely handsome red tabby living here (ahem!…..that would be moi!) and IF that was a girl cat droppin’ by – well – what can I say?!?!    Anyway, Mom opened the front door and the gray cat ran lickety split down the sidewalk and disappeared.  We haven’t seen the cat since.  However, wanna bet we DO see it again some time?  There seem to be a LOT of cats that roam around here and Mom says we should worry about them being on their own.  I do……I really do. 

Anyway, as I said earlier, it’s gonna be one of those days to grab some nap time…….although I have to admit I’ll probably be checking the porch frequently – just in case we have more visitors!  

Sammy, One Spoiled (but very alert and watchful) Cat