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Sunday Selfies


WOO HOO it’s Sunday and time for us to post a photo of US (a selfie!) and join the Hop that the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head host.    Tons of fun and who doesn’t like strutting their stuff?

I decided to post a flashback selfie since Mom hasn’t taken any new photos of me lately.   So I look back in my files and find something from about this same date from one of my past three years here and GO FOR IT.

Here’s a photo my Mom took of me in my favorite nap chair in the guest room – February 10, 2018 so two years ago.   She also did an “artsy” version of this one so I’ll repost that.   Back then, Mom hadn’t started making puzzles of me but she did one TODAY for the artsy version of my photo andthe link for that is below!!


Napping in the Granny chair!


Make sure and visit all the other selfies posted at The Cat On My Head HERE


Hugs, Teddy the GINGER Tiger!

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Hello Sunday and Hello Visitors to my blog!    Today is Selfie Hop day with The Cat On My Head and YOU can join in if you’d like – it’s easy – just click their badge above and LINK UP on the LINKY form.

Mom caught me napping on the guest room bed – AGAIN…………seems that’s where I spend most of my snooze time so naturally she captures me there trying to mind my own business, peacefully and quietly until I hear that FLASHIE THING she calls a camera.    I will admit it was only a temporary interruption though  because I am the KING OF NAPS (although my Dad seems to think HE is!) and a brief interruption doesn’t bother me at all.   I immediately went right back to sleep.    No problem.

Then of course she proceeded to “ARTIFY” me with Lunapic – one of their “new” art filters called VanVogh5 – which resulted in this:

And may I just say that I totally approve of this filter – it makes me look quite dreamy and orangey and cuddly and oh so much like a wonderful watercolor painting!   Then Mom did her usual PUZZLE thing for those of you who like to do puzzles……………

Click this MINI-ME photo and you can agonize over the jigsaw puzzle……..Have Fun!

Happy Sunday From Big Orange (aka Teddy)


Selfie Sunday Hop


TIME FOR THE HOP!    Yes indeed – Sunday we join The Cat On My Head for their Selfie Hop and spend the day admiring all the other selfies of those who join in the fun.   Want to be one of them?  Click the badge above and link up.

You know me – I’m all about FLASHBACK SELFIES – maybe because most of the photos of me aren’t good for selfies – it’s the SAME OLD SAME OLD THING – me lying on my back asleep.    Mom is FIXATED.   I can’t stop her!    So we resort to flashbacks where – in my younger days – I didn’t ALWAYS spend time flat on my back.

Now when I looked at Mom’s computer files there wasn’t a photo of me around THIS time taken so I had to cheat a little and “borrow” a photo from September – This one is from September, 2017 – so I was only living in  my new home for seven months at the time.    Yes I’m on my back – don’t say it – I know – my habit started early didn’t it.   The other thing about this photo is that the “rag” by my leg is what was left of Angel Sammy’s favorite white mouse toy.   I had pretty much destroyed it by this time and Mom had to put “bandages” on it to hold it together.   Thankfully my Dad had a whole lot of old handkerchiefs that he gave to her to whack up for “bandages” !    I really loved that mouse literally TO PIECES!    Also as you can plainly see, the perfectly good and totally solid red tent was torn into rags by yours truly by then.   Yes I was a little bit lively for an 11 month old when I first got here……and have loved every single minute since.

So having said all of that………………Mom decided NOT to “artify” this photo for my Sunday puzzle – we just loaded it up and made one from this shot!


Good Luck and Happy Sunday Hoppers!!   

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Time for a Selfie!

Hello everybody!   First a quick thank you for all the sweet notes from you yesterday on the anniversary of Sammy becoming an Angel.   It was a sad day around here but our hearts were full of all the love and memories you shared with us of our guy.

As for today’s selfie – well – we always join this Hop because it’s FUN, and our friends The Cat On My Head host it and it’s cool to join in and visit everybody who participates!  Would you like to join in too?   It’s EASY PEASY – just click on their badge above and you’ll be there in a second – LINK up and that’s it!

Today’s Selfie is one that Mom did NOT do any Lunapic art effects with – we thought it was pretty funny just the way it is.   One of those “laser eye” shots – Mom saw me curled up on a chair in the guest room and of course I gave her the “FIRE EYES” effect which is better than anything Lunapic could do!

Tee Hee

Happy Sunday!   See you tomorrow for the PRE-TEASER Monday!

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


It’s a “Two-Fer” Day! 

We’re being THANKFUL with Brian and POETIC with Angel Sam

First up – Thankful Thursday which is hosted by my buddy Brian – if you click his BADGE you can visit his blog, and use his LINKY tool to hook up your “Thankful” post to the Hop.   We share all our thankfuls every Thursday.   After such a tough and sad week with the tragedy in Las Vegas all I can say is that I know everyone there was THANKFUL that there were so many concert attendees as well as First Responders who helped EVERYONE who needed it……..we are so sad for those who were killed and those who were wounded.   It breaks our hearts………….truly.

On a lighter note, my Angel brother Sammy didn’t let me down this week – last night he transmitted via his trusty computer which he took with him to the Rainbow Bridge when he left in December – his weekly THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY poem and post…………..and HERE it is!!


Greetings from the Rainbow Bridge my friends……..

We’re working our way down (up?) the alphabet to the end – this week we’re all writing poems about ANYTHING that starts with the letter “Q”………….I did give you some prompts if you needed them to help get your creativity jump-started last week……….these were the prompts which you could use if you needed to!

(1) Quiet (2) Quarrel (3) Q-Tip (4) Quack

If you wrote a poem this week, you can put your blog link in the comments here and we’ll follow the link and read your MASTERPIECE or you can even just type your poem in our comments and we’ll read it here!    I hope you wrote something though – if I can write poetry my friends, YOU can write poetry.  Give it a try – you might surprise yourself!!!!


By Sammy Kimmell, October 5, 2017

Late at night when you’ve gone to bed

You might have visions of me in your head

In that twilight time before you sleep

We Angels visit – into your beds we creep!

We snuggle up close and let you know

We miss you too – it’s love we show………

We’re quiet and careful not to wake you up!

We won’t knock over the clock or your water cup!

We just want to be with you for a little while

Even though you’re asleep, we can see your smile….

We cannot stay, we must all be quick…..

But on your hand or your cheek we might give a lick!

A kiss of love, a promise that we will keep

To be with you on your journey for your FINAL SLEEP………….


We Angels will be with you – our beloved humans – when your turn comes……it’s what we do……it’s our turn to take care of YOU like you took care of us when we were with you.   Now if that’s not TRUE LOVE, what is????   

Next week we will be celebrating the letter “R” and I’ll give you four prompt words to help you get your imagination going and thinking of what YOU will write about next Thursday!   Ready?

(1) Rain (2) Run (3) Ruin (4) Rabbit

Maybe those will give you some ideas………..you can write about ANYTHING that starts with an “R” though………use your imagination – we animals have good imaginations !!!!    I hope you have a great week and I’ll look forward to reading your poetry next Thursday!    Give it a try – you might just have FUN writing a poem!!

I Love and Miss You All,

Angel Sammy


Thanks dear brother……………..I know you’ll inspire at least a couple of our friends to give writing a poem for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday a whirl next week!    Meanwhile, thanks to everybody for stopping by today…………we hope you have a THANKFUL and POETIC day today!

Yep – it’s me – with my torn up red cube AND my “Mr. Rag” that is my best buddy and pal

Love, Teddy the Butter Bean