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Hello Tent!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you will remember the days when I absolutely HAD to have a “tent” to get inside and nap….Mom discovered this need of mine one day when I was pawing at an afghan she has in her office and managed to fashion a rather rudimentary (no…that’s too nice a word….it was a mess!) tent that I crawled under/into and slept for hours as she tapped on her keyboard.    Well, I all of a sudden out of nowhere quit using a tent year before last UNTIL this morning!

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HELLO TENT!   I’d forgotten how cozy you could be………….I went into Mom’s room while she was tapping on the keyboard and pulled that same old afghan down and she realized what I was doing………….she made a nice neat tent for me………..so it’s back to tent life for me.  Maybe since I became a Cat Scout I’ve gained a new appreciation of camping out (only in)?   Not sure but I’m glad I have renewed my association with the lovable TENT.   May I recommend that you ask your Mom to make one for you?  You might discover the joy of camping out/in as well.   I can stay there for HOURS…..my own little hidey hole.

Sam Under Afghan on Couch

How could I have forgotten how snuggly a tent can be! Thanks Mom!

Now in case you didn’t remember, tomorrow is SHOW US YOUR PAW day!   My Three Moggies and I are sponsoring that – we want you to post a photo of you with your paw in the air – or a close up of your paw – however you want to display your poking mechanism!   Here’s the badge to use with your post AND you can keep it for your sidebar after SHOW US YOUR PAW day…………who knows – maybe it will be an annual event!   Of course it probably won’t always be on a Friday the 13th (eeeek) but who cares – it’s more about having fun together right???? RIGHT!!!


Also, visit Mollie and Alfie’s Auction if you can……..there’s some fierce fighting going on with outbidding each other for all the great items in the Auction………you’ve GOTTA check it out!

Now don’t forget –

Try a tent – you’ll be glad you did!

Your Pal Sammy



Hi Everyone……………….well our snow is hanging in there – not that we got any more – NO NO NO – but what we DID get a few days ago isn’t going anywhere.  It’s acting like it’s moved into a cheap hotel room and isn’t gonna budge until the rates go up!   One GOOD thing is that the streets are clear SO today my Mom and Dad are taking a ride to the postal center where the first batch of presents are going out from the Moon trip!   YAY!  Finally!  Did you think I’d forgotten?????  Nope!  Just been snow-bound!

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While they’re out, they have a stop to make in order to put together TWO of the six packages we’re sending out so those packages will probably go out on Friday.  Hang in there winners……..your goodies are coming soon!   Thanks to postal costs AND cost of toys though remember PULEEEEEEZE that these are little presents – just my thanks for being such good friends AND for entering the Moon contests!!


My Dad went to the airport today because he needed to chip away at the snow and ice that collects around the hangar doors where he has his airplane snugged in for the winter.  Why is he bothering?  Because NEXT week there are a couple of days where we are to have high temperatures in the HIGH FIFTIES!!!!   Sounds like Spring to me – and it sounds like flying weather……….I’ve shown some of these pix before – you can tell they certainly weren’t taken last week or anything since there’s no snow in sight – but just so you can see Dad’s plane and what HE sees when he’s buzzing around up there!

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Mom’s doing laundry today – sheets and towels to be specific – those are my favorite items of course………and when that blanket is on the bed without a cover on it I’m THERE.  Mom feels guilty about moving me when I’m on top of the super fleecy blankie so she’ll leave it for me until I’ve finished napping and moved somewhere else.  WHAT A MOM!

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

Guess what else I’m doing today?  I’m tackling my toy wagon and basket……time to have a bit of a clear out – actually Mom will just take a bunch of my LEAST fave toys out, put them in a bag and hide them in a closet….then when I get bored with what’s left – OUT THEY WILL COME and be just like new!    Sure saves on money.  HAHA

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Before I go – how about a little SHAMELESS BRAGGING on my Mom……as you know she has a mystery novel called “The Mystery of David’s Bridge”  available on Kindle AND in paperback on Amazon………..there are links on my sidebar……….help yourself!  Guess what…..there’s even a CAT in it.  His name is Eddy and it’s “the Eddy” that was the cat my Mom had before I came along.  Yep – sure is.   Mom’s main character is a private investigator in a small town who has a cat for company.  Just like I do, Eddy helps his human.   I may not help my Mom solve mysteries but I do keep her lap warm – that’s something right?   Anyway, if your human enjoys a fun mystery read, check out my Mom’s book – just click a link!  Easy Peasy!

So what’s up for you today?  Anything exciting?

Hugs To You From Me…..

Mr. Excitement (aka Sammy)

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Back To Routine


Howdy!   Hope you had a restful weekend – I sure did…..nothing like three days on the Moon to wear an old guy out – I OUGHT TO KNOW!   Things are back to normal (whatever that is) and that means that tomorrow we have a Tuesday Teaser to look forward to……..WOO HOO……are you ready?  Did you miss having a Teaser last week or were you along for the Moon trip OR watching from afar back here on Earth?


Anyway, tomorrow we have a Teaser……….it might be a Guest Teaser or might not – all depends on which way I go because I have TWO candidates to post – I’ll decide later – after I have my dinner – I think better on a FULL tummy!

So be prepared OK?   The posting (in case you’ve forgotten!) will go up at 6AM EST because I do the Teaser later than my regular daily blogs….bring your eyeglasses….your maps/atlases/google earth (haha) and have at it.  Who knows, you might be a winner.

Which reminds me…..while I’m thinking about badges…..just in case some of you who went on the FABULOUS Moon trip forgot to download the “I Went To The Moon With Sammy” badge at the end of our trip when we landed back home and WANT to have it….here it is one more time!   I’ve seen it posted on some of your blogs (hug hug kiss kiss)…….what  memories we have eh??


I’ve picked up a pile of new blog subscribers thanks to the fun we had on the Moon so bear with me while I show all of them what they MIGHT win if they guess the Teaser photo tomorrow…………The FIRST CORRECT GUESSER (you have to tell me where the photo was taken – country/town/state whatever) gets this:


Anyone ELSE who does guess it correctly but isn’t the FIRST to do so gets this:


And all your clueless but still lovable folks who at least peek at it but haven’t got a clue OR guess and are wrong get this:


SEE????  Everybody’s a winner on Sammy’s Blog!!    I’m not just a pretty face…..oh no…….I’m a cat of substance……I aim to educate you on Tuesdays with photos of far away (or sometimes not so far away) places where you MAY have been or hope to go one day.   What’s wrong with that??

HAPPY MONDAY……………….I intend to continue catching up on my favorite activity.   It’s what I do best!



Big Hugs



Sad Saturday


Well, it’s Saturday and you know me – usually I’m head over heels waiting for bacon and yes I will get some today but I have a “heavy heart”………everybody’s hero little Benny went to the Bridge after a long and very brave fight with liver cancer.  Many of you knew Benny and his sister Lily for a long time – we didn’t – just about six months or so – BUT we loved him.  He was so cute and happy and took his chemo like a champ.  His family supported him with everything they could and he lived a life full of love.  He truly did “Fight Like A Frenchie” and we’ll miss him.

Benny.....the newest little angel over the Bridge

Benny…..the newest little angel over the Bridge

 I just got Mom to help me load up the 25th entry in my Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest………..wow………..just wait til you see how fabulous everybody looks!!   YOU will be voting for your favorites in the poll and that will begin October 29th on my blog and run through the 30th.   Photos have to be here by the 28th so get busy if you want to enter!  Remember – there will be a FIRST and SECOND prize!    You don’t have to enter the contest to vote on the contest either so EVERYBODY gets to pawticipate.



Well, now that breakfast is over, I do believe I’ll take a bit of a rest……snoopervising these two humans of mine takes a whole lot of energy.  No doubt YOU all know about that too…..ever vigilant, ever watchful, ever wondering what on earth they’ll do next…….it’s what we do – right?

Although I guess it's a little tough to keep an eye on my parents when I'm asleep!!

Although I guess it’s a little tough to keep an eye on my parents when I’m asleep!!