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Teaser Tuesday Class


“Welcome Students – come on in and comment in orderly fashion please!”

“All is well on campus – let’s tell the Professors then have breakfast”

Happy Tuesday Students – MAKE SURE AND COMMENT then have a seat!

Our wonderful Security team – from the front door greeting with Kitty the Cop to our grounds security with Clowie and company say all is well – so let’s get this class started shall we?     I know that you all know the rules by now but we always like to show them just in case we have a new student attending school………..

“New students?   The more the merrier I say!!”


The badges you might win today if you’re a lucky duck (or cat, or dog, or human, or BIRD, or WHATEVER!)

So now you know what you might be able to win – one of our (according to some of you) SCARY badges!!!    LOL    Seriously though, we hope you are able to guess today’s Teaser because it is absolutely one of the TOUGHEST Teasers we’ve ever had AND it’s a “GUEST TEASER”.


Well let’s see what you all think – and we have THREE photos of this place to give you as you figure out what to guess……………..

See what we mean?   Could be just about anywhere – and it’s your job to narrow it down to WHERE.     Tomorrow we’ll see how good your investigative skills are AND we’ll tell you who sent the TOP photo in – the bottom two we added to give you some extra assistance in figuring this one out!

Holy Smokes – this is a real toughie!

Cheer Team?  You’re needed ASAP – our class looks dazed and confused………………….can you help?   Give them a rowsing cheer so they will get some EXTRA “Guessing Energy” for this one!

Holy Mackerel this is a doozy
Just looking at the photos makes us woozy
Where could this be we have to wonder
Could be summer at the north pole or maybe “down under” !
You all are smarties though and we all know it
So be real BRAINIACS and don’t be afraid to show it!
Tomorrow we’ll be back with winners of this TEASE
So you all stop crying and get to work pretty please?????

Even the Cheer Team thinks you all need extra encouragement for this Teaser………………I can see by your faces that you DO need it!

Yep – that expression says it all!

Now maybe is a good time to go to the cafeteria and get some lunch to sustain you through the process of figuring the Teaser out…………….so follow us – and get a hearty lunch to help you have the energy to get your guesses in before class tomorrow.

Come on in students and Professors – nice and cool in the cafeteria and we have some good lunch choices for you today!  

Today’s Lunch Goodies:

Good Luck Class!!