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The Truth About the Teaser!

Mystery Photo 3

Some of you mentioned New England and you were right!

OK guys…….nobody guessed it this Tuesday but some came pretty close!!  This house and garden is located outside Boston in Salem, Massachusetts and it’s The House Of The Seven Gables!  Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote his novel by the same name about this very old house built back in 1668.  The oldest house of its kind in New England.  The grounds are beautiful too and on the property now (moved there from its’ location just a few blocks away!) is the actual house where Nathaniel Hawthorne lived. Mom said the house was interesting on the inside and there were lots of interesting rooms and even a secret hidden staircase! So, thanks for playing along with my latest Tuesday Teaser.  I’ll try to fool you again next week……… Have a great Wednesday!!Sammy The Tease 

Sam on Mom's Recliner

I'm just a ginger colored teaser!