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Mushy Monday




Indeed it’s mushy Monday – we have more rain than we need so the ground is totally mushy and muddy and icky and Mom has been washing my tootsies when we get back inside from a rainy walk!   Puddles EVERYWHERE………which has one UPSIDE which is more worms!   I don’t eat them mind you, I just poke at them with my paw…….the ones that are alive (some of them drown themselves I think) kind of squiggle and wiggle and I think that’s just plain FUN.

Anyway, today is Pre-Teaser Monday in addition to being mushy outside so I do hope you’re ready for tomorrow?   You will NOT NOT NOT be getting two days to study the photo this week though – oh no – Mom and Dad are NOT going away so as usual, tomorrow morning you’ll get to see the photo – keep staring at it all day if you wish – but Wednesday morning we will be handing out badges to those who have SHARP EYES and a knowledge of geography!  Yep that’s right!   This one is NOT a Guest Teaser either…………….so there!

Badges?  Did I say badges?



We may actually see some sunshine this week…………….Joaquin is gone except for some rain showers………we have forgotten what blue skies look like though so we’re going to be glad to see that……….Mom says she’ll have to wear sunglasses for DAYS to get used to all that light since we’ve been in the shadows and under the storm clouds for so long.   Not me – I’ve enjoyed the fires in the fireplace and the cozy blankies and laps but I guess it WOULD be nice to stroll through the yard without getting my paws dirty.   I don’t like those “foot baths” !!!

Not for me thank you!

Not for me thank you!

See you tomorrow – what time?  I’m not telling you!   It’s going to be a surprise like it ALWAYS is on Tuesdays!

Hugs and Happy Mushy Monday!

Sammy the Tease

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my Pop!  He’s 87 bazillion years old today!

Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Thankful to have Dad