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Teaser Tell All



Watch out  Easy and Leo……there’s a new Teaser Expert in town (or should I say across the pond) and he’s now been FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for two weeks in a row!   Who is it?   Stay tuned to find out!

This was the photo from yesterday:


Where is this?  Oh a whole lot of you knew where it was………it’s the beautiful Mount Vernon Plantation, former summer home of Martha and George Washington and it’s located in Mt. Vernon, Virginia!!    Here’s the link to this beautiful home……my Mom and Dad have been there many times.   It’s beautiful in Spring and Summer.   CLICK HERE

Who was the lucky guy who guessed right first?   If you remember who won last week then you know it was my friend Flynn from Two Devon Cats!    Let’s hear it for Flynn……You may already know that Flynn and I are making the “hyperthyroidism” journey together and I’m also happy to say that we have both had recent checkups and BOTH of us are responding to our medication just fine.

Here’s your badge buddy:


For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

Lots more of you guessed correctly too – so of course all of you who did guess right get this!


Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Were you one of the ones who guessed some other planet or place?  Or had no idea at all?   You STILL win something – THE BIG GREENIE!


Tune in next week because I will be having a Guest Teaser for you then…………..that’s right………..and it’s a toughie too!

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In other exciting news I must say that I was SUPER EXCITED to receive a package the other day from out of the blue – not expected but WOW when I opened it – I saw it was from my buddy Bacon so I knew it just HAD to be good.  It was.   MY VERY OWN PURRRRSONAL ELF ON THE SHELF!!!!   That’s right – you know how every year Bacon and his family are plagued by the antics and troublemaking of his Elf……well now I’m gonna have to keep an eye on MY elf and you’ll be seeing him on my blog from time to time until Christmas.    Bacon – I told you what I’d named him but guess what – I changed my mind – his name is now gonna be ELFVIS…..that’s right – as in “ELFVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING”…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA    There are always ELFVIS sightings and not all of them are at Graceland.  Now there will be sightings right here in Warrenton, Virginia!

Here are the first two photos I got of him exploring my house……….I can see there’s going to be trouble ahead…………….this guy is lookin’ for trouble with a Capital “T” !!!

Uhoh....My Dad better keep an eye on his beer stash with this guy around!

Uhoh….My Dad better keep an eye on his beer stash with this guy around!


Mom snapped this blurry shot of Elfvis on the bathroom sink – we’re not sure if he was about to toss this kitty sculpture down the sink or toilet….but Mom has moved it out of reach!

Thanks again Bacon…..between you and me I’m sure we’ll have our hands/hooves/and paws full of keeping these guys out of trouble around our homes for the holidays.