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Talk About Wet!


Gosh – it’s monsoon season (not Spring but monsoon!) here on top of my hill in Warrenton.   I’m thinking about past postings about so much rain…………remember these?

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We’ve had driving, pouring, heavy rain for two days so things are soggy (moldy?) here yet again……….but maybe this is a sign that Spring is truly coming because it’s not snow – it’s rain…..and this week is supposed to be a nice week with temperatures – higher than normal….that means maybe the sixties!   There’s hope!

We had a weekend full of paperwork, realtors, phone calls, a stranger or two, and making boxes…….Dad got boxes from the store and they have to be taped up like Fort Knox to make them safe for transporting STUFF – and believe me – my parents have had 18 years in this house and some years BEFORE that, to gather lots of STUFF.

The highlight of my week will be tomorrow though with the good old reliable Tuesday Teaser.  Will you be ready?  Will you?   You’d better make up your mind because it will be here in less than 24 hours!!

Try to have a rain-free or at least pain-free Monday………..that’s my plan…………..

Sammy the Almost Catfish (haha)


Pooped Friday


Alright – not THAT kind of pooped!!!!  Pooped as in tired……………….Mom’s doing all the work but I’m exhausted just watching her.   They aren’t even moving until probably mid-June but yet the activity is on an increase around here and I’m not too crazy about it……………

No it's not my Mom and Dad....these people have happy faces and my parents don't !!!  HAHAHAHA

No it’s not my Mom and Dad….these people have happy faces and my parents don’t !!! HAHAHAHA

There’s lots of information out there about how to move when you have a cat – as in how to make it EASY for the cat……I’m wondering if someone wrote a book about that subject for humans because I’m gonna get it for my Mom!!  HAHAHA    She’s like the energizer rabbit and in between packing and cleaning and fixing things up for the house to be shown to potential buyers, she’s on the computer FOR ME!!!   Trust me, if I could do my own computerizing I would – AND I EVEN HAVE THUMBS but that doesn’t mean I can do it all myself.  I need her……SO my mission is to slow her down.  What’s the hurry Mom?  Make sure you check those boxes before you tape them up!!!! 



Oh – and by the way – where’s DAD???  Shouldn’t HE be helping????   Oh I know – he’s busy isn’t he!!!!

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

Uh huh……..well he’s just being smart – staying out of the way I suppose!  

I can't wait to relax again...meanwhile I'm staying here - out of the way!

I can’t wait to relax again…meanwhile I’m staying here – out of the way!

Anyway, you might as well get used to the fact that over the next few months I will be letting off some steam about moving………..among other things………..think you can stand it?  Gosh I hope so…..I know all of YOU understand even if my Mom doesn’t quite GET IT!!!!


Sammy the Traumatized Cat

Keep Kalm Thursday


Hi All!   What’s with the keeping calm thing?  Well there’s just a lot of excitement around here right now………….for one thing the first BIG QUEST is happening this weekend on Cat Scouts.  That’s right – a big challenge for all the Patrols in Scouts and we won’t know WHAT the challenges are until we get there.  We had a practice Quest and had to identify animal tracks and birds……but something tells me the “REAL” Quest might be a bit more……well…..HARD!   So I’m prepping for that.

Sammy Kimmell, Wildcats Troop Leader

Sammy Kimmell, Wildcats Troop Leader

But the really BIG thing to try and keep calm about is that my Mom and Dad are buying another house.  That means yours truly – who has only lived in this house for his whole entire 14 years – will have to move to unfamiliar surroundings.  For a scaredy-cat that’s gonna be tough…….for an OLD scaredy-cat it’s gonna be traumatic……..!  I’m trying to be brave…….I don’t even think my parents know that I know about this big change – when the realtor came to sign papers and stuff I ran for the basement like I do whenever the doorbell rings.  My parents think I was hiding down there as usual but I was actually sitting on the top step with the door open LISTENING.  Being a good private investigator……..just call me Sherlock Sam……or Charlie Chan Sam……..but I heard EVERYTHING!

No more house on the hill?????

No more house on the hill?????

The toughest thing will be when people come to see MY house – of course ideally the first person to come see it will want to buy it and they’ll give my Mom and Dad an offer they can’t refuse!  EASY PEASY – all the drama and trauma will be over with QUICKLY.   Otherwise we may have to let strangers into my house over and over until someone succumbs to the charms of my home.

Sam Standing at Front Door

Oh no! More strangers???


It “ain’t gonna be pretty”…………..I’m gonna be a nervous wreck.   I’ll try to just enjoy all the boxes I’ll get to play in and hide in and let my parents do their thing while I “spy” from a quiet corner or the top of the stairs.  Then one day probably in June if things go well, some men will come with a GREAT BIG TRUCK, pack all my stuff up and take it to the new house (which is only about 2 miles from THIS house!!)………and THAT will be THAT.

I’ll probably LOVE the new house once I get used to the smells and find the hidey spots…………but folks – this old cat is truly gonna be upset.  I foresee a lot of horking in my immediate future.   Mom’s gonna talk to the Vet about that soon…….just to see what HE has to say………..Mom thinks maybe a scarf for me to wear that has some of that Feliway on it?  Keep this old man CALM………….cool man…………..

Now this guy knows how to be CALM!

Now this guy knows how to be CALM!

I’ll miss my yard…………..we have a yard in the new place but it’s a lot smaller – my Mom and Dad are tired of maintaining this huge amount of yard and gardens…….and who knows – maybe there will be a cat or two in the neighborhood and I can make friends?  I’m TRYING to look on the bright side…………but first I have to FIND it (the bright side).

little happy facePracticing my best fake smile……

Hugs and Happy Keep Kalm Thursday!