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Movember Monday (Really)


Hi Peeps!   So yesterday I “previewed” my fabulous look for the Tabby Cat Club’s Movember Monday event which highlights testicular cancer and prostate cancer for men.   It’s just one way to support men’s health and the effort to bring awareness to this form of cancer by sporting a manly moustache!    If you click the Tabby Cat Club totally adorable “poster boy” for Movember, you will be able to visit the TCC and see all the swell ‘staches for Movember.

TCC Movember

And as if you could PAWSIBLY forget how wonderful I look, here I am again with my ‘stache!


Also on my blog yesterday I told my tale of woe regarding my very frustrating inability to get my ginger rear in gear and load it into my fabulous Cardwood Derby Racecar for the Cat Scouts derby – in fact I’ve been whining about that for DAYS now.  That car my Dad made – well – it was wonderful looking but I simply REFUSED to get inside it long enough for a photo to be taken of me in the box…..which was what I had to upload to Cat Scouts by November 20th in order to be IN the derby race.  Well, guess what.  It happened!   True, I had to have help from my Pit Crew Boss (aka Mom) who actually held me inside the box long enough for Dad to do the snappy photo thing BUT it didn’t matter HOW it was done – just that it was done.  If I coulda photoshopped myself into the car I would have done it days ago but no photoshopping was allowed!   So what do you think?  (not about my Mom’s big rear end that’s in the photo – how about poor little scared to death ME actually being in the box???!!!



I know you probably thought I’d never get in there but there I am……now we have to wait to see who wins the race AND which troop gets the Troop Award for most winning racers.  My troop is gonna win – I just KNOW it!

What else is going on?  You’ve just GOTTA visit Mollie’s shop and see the hilarious YOGO ornaments and sign she and her Mom have made……there’s now a YOGO section in her shops for those of us who can’t get enough of those wacky YOGO positions her Mom demonstrates from time to time on Mollie’s blog.  Gives yoga a whole new look (tee hee).   Just click Mollie’s shop icon to visit.  ORDER SOON – HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!

Click Logo to Visit Mollie!

Click Logo to Visit Mollie!

 REMINDER…..Tuesday Teaser Tomorrow!!!  Be purrrrpared!!

Have a marvelous Monday All……Sammy

Mustache Monday (a day early)


Hi Peeps!   Well, tomorrow is the day that the Tabby Cat Club is celebrating “Movember”!     Just like October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, November highlights testicular cancer and prostate cancer for men with a movement called Movember.  During this Movember movement, people are encouraged to grow mustaches to show their support.   At the TCC we’re going to have fun with Movember by showing off mustaches!   Now the date for this event is the 18th but I’m posting my “Movember” photo today because I feel like it!  HAHAHAHA

Ready??????   Here I am!


I sprouted a good one for the occasion, didn’t I ???   YAY!   I can’t wait to visit the TCC and see the other members ‘staches too.

As for Tuesday Teaser……..it’s another one from my parents’ various and sundry vacations of the past.  Yep – so make sure you’re ready – including those of you who were not on the ball fast enough last week to be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!   And you know who you are!!!!!   Tee Hee

One final note…………….for those of you who have been encouraging me to get in my danged racecar so I can enter the Cat Scouts Derby race…….keep cheering because Mom tried (using many of your suggestions I might add) to stuff me in the racecar again yesterday.  No luck.  I’m digging my heels in on this (or should I say digging my claws into my Mom’s arms).   I know – I’m being very stubborn aren’t I ?

My poor lonely racecar...waiting for me to get brave enough to drive it!

My poor lonely racecar…waiting for me to get brave enough to drive it!

Here’s to Movember…..and here’s to YOU my friends!

Happy Monday……..Sammy