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Moonwalk With Sammy


Hi Everybody!    I can’t believe how excited some of you are about the Moon trip – to the point where I’m getting lotsa email with questions and I figure I just can’t keep saying “soon” to at least give you some more “substantial” information about our trip.  TODAY IS THE DAY!

First of all, yesterday I gave you the dates for the trip BUT if you didn’t record them, get your calendars out because here’s when we’ll be going.

 LAUNCH DATE:  Thursday, February 27


Saturday, March 1


To prepare for this pawsome event, you will need to begin thinking about the following things and deadlines!

  1. Preparing your spacesuit!  IThe “template” spacesuit is at the bottom of this blog and you can either use it, OR, if you want to find your OWN spacesuit to decorate and personalize that’s fine too!  The space cadet with the coolest/neatest/cleverest decorated suit is going to win a PRIZE!    YOU CAN EMAIL ME YOUR FINISHED PHOTO (in .jpg or .jpeg format) NOT LATER THAN SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23.  We’ll have a poll for your favorite on February 25th and I’ll announce the WINNER at a big party we’ll have at the Lunar Hotel the night of February 28th !!  WOO HOO
  2. Prepare an entry for the “WEIRDEST MOON CREATURE” contest!   Yep – be creative and let me know what kind of creature you imagine lives up on the Moon that we might run into when we visit!   Scary, weird, downright insane – whatever your little imagination thinks a Moon Creature would look like.    If you enter THIS contest you need to have your picture/artwork/creation to me NOT LATER THAN  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23.  We’ll also have a poll for your favorite creature for this contest on February 25th and the WINNER will be announced at our Lunar Hotel on the 28th at the pawty!!
  3. Decorate your Lunar Hotel Room contest!  I’m going to be posting below a picture of the “generic” hotel room from our Lunar Hotel where you’ll have your own private room with bath of course where you’ll sleep the night of February 27th and 28th before we come home.   You can add all the comforts of home to your room if you like – and if we think you have the coziest or most interesting room you might win this contest and get a prize!  Again, if you want to enter this one, you need to send me the room fully decorated in .jpg or .jpeg format NOT LATER THAN SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd.  We’ll ALSO vote for the best decorated room on February 25th!

SO – how’s that for a lot of information????!!!

THREE CONTESTS WITH PRIZES:   (1) Best decorated spacesuit……….(2) decorate your hotel room on the Moon…………(3) coolest Moon creature !      You can enter one, two, three or NONE of the contests – it’s up to you!


ENTRIES SHOULD BE SENT TO ME AT junekimm@aol.com   – AS ATTACHMENTS TO YOUR EMAIL in .jpg or .jpeg format please !   SUBJECT LINE SHOULD READ:  MOON TRIP      If I can’t download your entries I’ll email you immediately so you can re-send.

One other impawtant note………..I’ve been asked if humans may come along on the trip……….We will be able to offer accommodation to only FIVE humans at a max on this trip SO, if your human wants to come along OR if you are a human without a pet that’s coming along (!!!), you need to notify me ASAP at my email address – the first five will get to accompany us (and yes they can also enter all the contests!!).


Ask questions in comments and I’ll answer them. 



Here is the “template” for the spacesuit contest (or you may use your own spacesuit but I MUST have your face showing!)


Here is the “template” for the hotel room decorating contest (this is the room you must decorate if you’re entering this contest!!)


I’ll be reminding you of ALL OF THESE things several times over the next week or so…..including deadlines.  Please remember that if you are going on this trip you MUST have a spacesuit to wear for part of the journey – even if you don’t DECORATE one and don’t enter that contest, you need to send me a photo of you in a spacesuit.  I also need a photo of you that I can use for the party we’re having at the lunar hotel….you don’t need to be in costume or formal clothes – just any photo will do !!   

GOT IT?  It’s a lot I know…….but boy are we gonna have a BLAST (and I’m not just talking about the moon launch)


Sammy Moon Man

Sammy Moon Man

More Bacon Please!


Can a guy have too much bacon?  Well pawsibly but THIS GUY votes NO……………Saturday and Sunday are for bacon regardless and my parents started this morning off with bacon AND pancakes…..I said “hold the pancakes Mom” when it came to fixing my plate!   Thanks Mom – that should be enough for me…….HAHAHA


Yesterday I got a lot of you all stirred up by the first of my “Moon Teasers” !!   AND I showed you the spacesuit that you all can use to decorate/personalize for your very own – in fact, I am going to show you MY spacesuit all decked out.  BUT before I do, I want to say that you do NOT have to use that spacesuit – if you have one already (hahaha) or if you want to find one of your own online somewhere (or in your neighborhood spacesuit store), you CAN do that.   When the time comes to submit your photos with your personalized spacesuits – it can be this one – or one of your own!!   I’m posting both the “blank” spacesuit which you can “take” and begin working on for the competition AND me in my suit!



I was also asked if our spaceship has a name………..the answer is “YES IT DOES” !!!   I named it “Ralph”…..why Ralph?  Well some of you may remember the amazing Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden in the Honeymooners TV series who would frequently tell his wife Alice, “Bang, Boom, To The Moon!!”…….so I thought “Ralph” was a GOOD name for our spaceship!

Next week I will post some more about our trip……….and probably announce another of the competitions we’ll be having……….until then, you can at least have a start on figuring out how you want to personalize your spacesuit!!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday – WOO WOO…….and there are TWO par-tays I need to tell you about………..one is at the Tabby Cat Club – here’s the poster  for the BIG EVENT – everyone is invited and it lasts ALL DAY LONG!


Then the other par-tay is at Cat Scouts – WHAT??   You’re a cat and you’re not a Cat Scout yet?  Well, all is forgiven….but if you want to know about it, you can visit HERE.    This is the poster we put up for the Cat Scouts Super Bowl Party which we’ll be having at the official Cat Scouts Campfire with a pot luck dinner………….If you’re a Scout – “be there or be square” !!


See how busy I am lately?  Whew!   Pretty good for an older gentleman cat huh?   Mom’s having a tough time keeping up with me………!!

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap

oops….guess this isn’t a good example of Mom not keeping up is it?!

Have a super Saturday and I’ll see you for Silent Sunday tomorrow……………….I promise……………………

The Bacon Boy





HAHAHA!  Gotcha with that blog title didn’t I?   Well the reason for the title is that while it’s a close race in my Poll, so far the “Spaceship Trip to the Moon” is STILL ahead.  Remember we’re deciding what our next BIG ADVENTURE will be here on my blog with all of you pawticipating!


While I think I look fabulous in my spacesuit and have no doubt all of you will look great in yours too, I am giving you a last day – before tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser – to speak up on the Poll.  Then on Tuesday when I post the Teaser, I’ll also tell you what the majority vote was for this year’s BIG ADVENTURE.    Make sure and cast your vote……..!

Unless the Poll form is misbehaving NOBODY wrote in a suggestion – I guess I picked some good ones myself huh?   I think whatever we do it will be a blast……we’re a fun bunch aren’t we?  That Camping Trip was a blast.

Now, did you know that our pals Mollie and Alfie are whipping up some great Valentine’s Day gifts over in their store for all of the humans and animals in our lives who we want to give that “something special” to in honor of the DAY OF LOVE……..Valentine’s Day!   So make sure you stop over and see what she’s got SPECIAL for the occasion but also remember that Mollie’s Shop is THE SPOT for fun and unique gifts of all kinds!  CLICK HERE !

Won't you be my Valentine?????? Hmmmm??

Won’t you be my Valentine?????? Hmmmm??

So do NOT forget that tomorrow you’ll be tested – or your eyes will anyway – you’ll get a chance to agonize over another photo or maybe two and try and figure out where the photo was taken…….as always before a Tuesday Teaser I’ve got my thinking cap on deciding which photo to use…………guess you’ll just have to wait and see !!!


Hugs, Sammy