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Feeling Moony


Yeah I know it’s supposed to be “feeling groovy” but hey – I’m feeling moony because it won’t be long before blast-off on RALPH THE SPACESHIP!   I hope you realize this is your final week and weekend to work on your submissions for the moon trip…….I’ve got stuff coming in left and right and believe me, we’re gonna have some FUN!

Yeah....I look way cool right?????

Yeah….I look way cool right?????

What am I talking about?  You mean you don’t know?  Have you been hiding under a rock?  Well, then you’d better visit this post of mine for the scoop…….you don’t want to miss out on this do ya?  CLICK HERE


I can show you the banquet hall at the hotel – maybe that will be a bit of a tease for you…………..we’re gonna have the awards banquet at our lunar hotel for all the winners of the contests (best spacesuit decoration, best hotel room decoration, and moon monster) on the 28th.  I’m sure after our pawty it won’t look this neat……but we mustn’t TRASH the joint or they’ll never allow us back!

MoonHotelParty Room

We have a new addition to our “crew” – our friends Nylablue and her Mum Sherri-Ellen will be manning the Mission Control station for us on Earth – they’ll be there for us to check in from time to time and to send up an emergency supply of catnip if we run out – important stuff like that you know!   Gotta have GROUND SUPPORT on a major trip like this.


Tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER………….and it will be our LAST Tuesday Teaser before the trip to the Moon.  Next week we’ll be having our voting polls before the trip so that means Tuesday will be busy enough without a Teaser…….I know you’re beyond sad to have a week without a Teaser (sniff sniff) but you’ll just back to buck up baby because Mom and me will be up to our eyebrows in packing/planning/posting/polling so make sure and tune in tomorrow for the Teaser.  It will have to last you until we get back from the Moon!

Here’s mooning ya !  (hahaha)


Enough White Stuff


Good Morning from the North Pole – temporarily relocated to Northern Virginia!!!    We were promised snow and by gosh we’re gonna have it!  Lots of it.   We don’t even know how much but lots is lots.

Nope...not me...but it could be!

Nope…not me…but it could be!

I think everyone is just plain TIRED of Winter…………people who usually get a bit of snow – are getting hammered with ICE, SNOW, and incredibly cold temperatures.   Then my friends Down Under where the seasons are the reverse of ours are so hot they can barely stand it.   It’s wacky!

No Thank You !!

No Thank You !!

So to escape the madness – I’m thinking my Moon Trip just couldn’t come at a better time – in fact I kind of wish we were leaving TODAY……but we aren’t – not until February 27th………..and if you haven’t decided whether or not you’re going, well, you’d best make sure you don’t wait until the last second!   Do you remember all the details of the trip and what you need to do to go along???   No???   Then you’d better click the below photo of my Mom in her spacesuit (yes of course she’s going – someone has to do all the work up there right???) to get all the scoop!

Mom.....the suit is a bit....well....gaudy????

Mom…..the suit is a bit….well….gaudy????

I think I’ll drag out my old standby photo of me on the beach to post here today just so if you’re freezing your whatsis off, maybe this will warm your whatsis up just a bit……….think SUN……….think HEAT……….think SUMMER!

Since Camp Sammy is already here....and there's plenty of tents - come join me here!!

Since Camp Sammy is already here….and there’s plenty of tents – come join me and stay a while!


Think I’ll See You Tomorrow! 

Sammy the Snowman

P.S.   Don’t worry Sundae – the limo we’re going in to the Valentine’s Pawty tomorrow is heated!!!!



Another Monday??


Where is the time going???  Why are the days flying by like this???  I have so much to do to get us ready to go on the Moon Trip, things at Cat Scouts are hopping, and Valentine’s Day is this week – – – YIKES!   So many things to take care of.  I thought when my Mom retired, I’d retire but instead both of us are busier than ever – what’s with that?


(of the Complaint Portion of this Post!)

Hello again – let’s start over.  Can you tell I’m stressed out?  Well maybe but that’s OK.  I can handle it.

Today is the beginning of an exciting week for those of us who are planning to have some kind of Valentine’s Day celebration.  For me, it’s taking my girlcatfriend Sundae to a Valentine’s Day Ball in style.   All the final arrangements are made, and thanks to you helping me choose the interior for the limo, this is how we’ll be traveling!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’re all set with our Valentine’s Day outfits and I’m sure we’ll look desperately dashing as we tango across the dance floor (hopefully not getting trangled up and falling on the floor – will you forgive me Sundae??).   Should be fun though.  Lots of peeps I know are going.  Woo Hoo!


Then NEXT week I’ll be having a big push to remind all of you who plan to go along on the Moon Trip to get your entries in…..remember you don’t have to enter anything BUT if you go, you must send me a photo of you in the “blank” spacesuit.  Doesn’t have to be decorated but if you’re going, I need THAT and a “plain” photo of you for the awards banquet.  Got it?  Good!    Meanwhile I’m getting some TOTALLY COOL entries in the contests – including the “Moon Creature” category.  Tee Hee – I thought that would be a fun one – you can just share what you think a moon creature would look like – fine something online or design a monster/creature on your own – WHATEVER……just be creative.   Need to see the Moon Trip details again??????   CLICK HERE !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got some snow yesterday afternoon about 3:30PM.   Big lazy flakes falling from the sky – there was no breeze so they looked like they were falling in slow motion.  Nothing stuck to the ground as it was 37 so a bit too warm (hahahaha……who thinks 37 is warm??!!).   Am I the only cat who wishes it was SPRING???  Well I sure do !!!

Spring House

I can’t WAIT for Spring!!

Have a pawsome Monday……………tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT TUESDAY…………are you ready for it?   I’ll be here TEASING you tomorrow for sure.  See you then!!

Monday Man Sam