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A Crowded Spaceship


Not everybody gets to go to the Moon


WE’RE going in just a few days!

That’s right……tick tock the countdown has begun.   We’ll actually be on the Moon this time next week……!   I’ve been teasing you a bit with a photo here and there and I have another one to share with you today – this is a shot of our hotel on the moon.    It’s called the STARDUST – appropriate right?   Very exclusive, very chic, very classy…..just the kind of place you’d expect to say on a trip to the Moon hosted by YOURS TRULY!!!

The Stardust Hotel Welcomes You!

The Stardust Hotel Welcomes You!

You already know what the rooms look like since many of you decorated yours and submitted them to the room decorating contest…….and you’ve seen our Banquet Room for the Awards Ceremony too!   Now would you like to see the size of the crowd going?   There may be one or two of you missing from this photo but it’s tough to keep track of a crowd this big (hahahaha).


Here’s a name list of everyone who’s going…..Cali, Tater, Shelly, Andy, Coccolino, Easy, Cubby, Ellie, Allie, Misaki, Cathy Keisha, Lucy, Gracie, Tubby, Nellie, Kozmo, Jo-Jo, Raz (need your photo buddy!), Oscar, Dinnermintz, Doc, Ranger, Addycat, Marty, Brooch Czarina, Alfie, Mollie, Odin, Madi, Marty, Misaki, the Hutch A Good Life guinea pig boys (all four!), yours truly, my Mom and Miss Dianna.  Whew.   Monday is the LAST DAY to sign up.

Mom’s working with the STARDUST’s catering crew now for our banquet night buffet.   I decided a buffet would be better than a sit down dinner……less formal……I’ve also decided that because we have such a BIG CROWD coming, I’m going to have THREE prizes for the Spacesuit Contest.……….that’s right – the THREE spacesuit entries that get the most votes will get a prize!   There was only going to be one prize – but there will be First, Second and Third place winners in that competition.  Only one winner and prize for the Room Decorating and only one winner and prize for the Moon Monster contest though.  They are turning out to be smaller polls (whew!).

Everybody that comes along will get a badge to take home – sew it on your spacesuit or put it on your blog or put it on your backpack – whatever and wherever – but it will show everyone that you went to the Moon with Sammy!  WOO HOO!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, bacon’s calling……….it IS Saturday you know!!!!!!

Your lovable space guy


Ground Control to Major Sam.........

Ground Control to Major Sam………

Teaser Tell All


So I promised to TELL ALL, and I’m here to do just that!

Golly a lot of you guessed Holland or Amsterdam, some guessed the Rhine, and then again a LOT of you guessed the Seine………..here’s the photo one last time!


Where was it?  Well it was on the Seine River right smack through Paris, France!    My Mom and Dad were on their HONEYMOON (a million years ago) and Mom snapped this from one of the tour boats on the river!

Wanna know WHO guessed the Seine first?  Hmm?   It was Miss Annie of Animal Couriers!!  WOO HOO!!  Concatulations Miss Annie……..and this little gem is ALL for you:


But as I said, there were bunches of you who knew it was the Seine River through Paris and I’m VERY proud of all of you too……………so proud that I’m giving you the much coveted Sammy Hug I Knew The Teaser award:


Those of you who were off base – out in the woods – up the creek without a paddle – clueless – even you get a little something for your effort:


Now, may I give you yet another reminder (YES THIS IS FOR REAL) that NEXT Tuesday there will NOT be a Tuesday Teaser……………however you need to show up here ANYWAY because there will be three voting polls for you to agonize over so that will be more fun than the old Teaser anyway.   Doesn’t matter if you’re going on the moon trip or not you get to vote.  OK?  OK!

Just to let you know, my Mom isn’t the only “chaperone” going on this little trip of ours…………….my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Mom Miss Dianna who is a super good friend of my Mom is coming along to chaperone too.  There are so many of us going on this trip, it will take two HUMANS to keep track of us and make sure we have every little thing our hearts desire.  How’s that for service?????   And if we need something that’s not on the moon, we’ll contact Nylablue and her Mom who are going to be here on Earth at Mission Control and they’ll send up the little supply rocket with whatever we need.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This truly is a FIRST CLASS trip to the Moon gang……………..and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.  I promise you that!

So until tomorrow – good old Thursday – I’ll say a fond farewell……………I’m feeling Springy this afternoon because it’s SIXTY DEGREES here and my snow is finally melting!




Just call me “Bye Bye Snow Sammy” ! 


Icy Cold


Hi Everyone!!!    Well I felt like I lived in an ice palace yesterday……………….it had been sleeting all night and when it got light enough to SEE outside yesterday morning it looked like this!

The woods covered in almost a half inch of ice

WOW………it just LOOKED super cold and boy was it…….I was adventurous and asked Mom to let me go outside so I could see it up close…….Mom made sure the sidewalk wasn’t dangerous for her to walk on and I bravely stepped out and inspected the grass – it was crunchy!   Mom was very patient – she had on her coat and scarf and hat and I walked on the icy grass – had a crunchy munch or two – then quickly popped back up on the porch and said “let’s go inside and warm up please Mom!!”…………………..SO of course we did!

OK - so this is an exaggeration....there was no snow on the lawn but it was COLD enough for sledding!

OK – so this is an exaggeration….there was no snow on the lawn but it was COLD enough for sledding!

By mid-afternoon the temperature had warmed up to 38 degrees and the ice started melting off the branches and lawn………..finally…………..by afternoon Stevie had appeared and was tucked up in her warm house on the porch – I don’t know WHERE she’d been all morning but we were happy to see her and Mom gave her some food and warm water.   Stevie loves warm water – we call it her “tea”…..HAHAHA    Actually, when it’s freezing outside her water bowl water freezes but if we give her warm (not HOT!) water, she not only loves it but it stays “unfrozen” for quite a while.

Nice and TOASTY!!

Nice and TOASTY!!

I guess all in all it was a quiet day…………….Mom and I worked on the Moon Trip and tomorrow my post will be ALL ABOUT THE TRIP!    Details of everything………lists of things you need to do before we go………dates you need to send things to me by if you’re coming along……..and the spacesuit template and other contest info for you………….I know you’re excited – SO AM I !!!!


I’m getting lots of emails from you saying you just can’t wait……. Until tomorrow, I’ll tell you this much as a “teaser”……………here’s when we’re going (make sure and put this on your calendar NOW!!):

Moon Launch: February 27 

Return Trip: March 1  




Too Much Partying!


Hi All……………well yesterday was a day of Super Bowl parties – between Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts I was back and forth so often I thought my head would explode.  Thankfully it didn’t – and thankfully neither did my Mom’s because keeping up EVERYWHERE was a bit much!   But we had fun – tons of fun!    The Scouts party was a pot luck – you’ll never guess what I brought……..(well, maybe you would):

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Today I plan to REST UP……..and when I say REST UP, I really truly mean it.   Mom’s not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere – and we are planning to meet together in the living room on her recliner for much of the day.   There’s no agenda for this meeting mind you – but there will be snoring and brushing and more snoring (and yes the snoring will be me and the brushing will be by Mom TO me).   Better clarify that!

As of right this minute I have no clue what photo I’ll use for tomorrow’s Teaser…….the weekend was full of Super Bowl so Teaser took a second place…………but never fear – I’ll be ready tomorrow to tease you.   I also promise that by the end of this week I’ll have more info for you on the Moon trip…….are you excited?  I hope so……..I sure am……….want another “teaser” ?  How about another shot of the inside of our spaceship “Ralph” ?????

This is the "entrance foyer" of our beautiful spaceship "RALPH" !!

This is the “entrance foyer” of our beautiful spaceship “RALPH” !!

So I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow everyone………….be ready to guess……….because you just know you want to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – right?

Resting Today Big Time




Moon Trip Teaser!


Hi Everyone!!!   Well, I thought I’d give you a bit of a “teaser” about our upcoming trip to the Moon.   I thought you MIGHT like to see what the rocket ship actually looks like that I’ve chosen for our trip.   This baby is what you’d call LUXURIOUS too………I’ll even show you one of the interior shots so you can see we’ll be traveling in STYLE!

MOON-Rocket1 MOON-Rocket2

I’m working on some fun things for us to do too while we’re on this trip and some of them will involve competitions – WITH PRIZES – that’s right PRIZES – and everyone will be eligible to win!   Fun huh?  Want to hear just one of my ideas for a competition?   Well, everyone is going to be issued a spacesuit because – well – we’re going to be in space of course – you don’t have to wear it ALL the time but you will have to wear it PART of the time, and I’m sure you will want to “personalize” it a bit with your own special touches so everyone will recognize you in your suit.   Anyone who wants to pawticipate in that competition by adding some purrrrsonality to your suit will win a prize if the voting poll shows they’re going to be the “best dressed space cadet” on the trip!

I’ll even show you the spacesuit……………..you can be thinking about how you might want to fix it up to your own personal specifications!  You need to photoshop your face in there of course (!!) but add whatever other “stuff” you think will give it some extra personality – unique to you – for instance if you’re a girl you might want to color it PINK (or not).  Whatever – feel free to do as you wish!    Can you start on it now since I’m showing it to you?  Yes you can…………you’ll have tons of time to work on it since we won’t be leaving for our trip until after Valentine’s Day……….Here it is:


I had to remove the “head” that was in the suit of course – so put your own in there!!!!

I’m going to give everyone PLENTY of time to get prepared for the trip – including details on all the competitions – so you can get your photos to me for any of the competitions that we’ll be holding well ahead of the trip.  Don’t send your spacesuit photo to me now – I’ll let you know when.

ARE YOU GETTING EXCITED????   I hope so………because I sure am!   By the way, included in our trip will be a stop-off at the International Space Station where we’ll be having a meal before we continue on to the Moon.

Now that I’ve given you some things to THINK about…………..I’ll leave you – because I hear the monster coming out of the closet now – it’s cleaning day you know…….I want to be well out of the way for that!

Hugs From the Moon Man

Sammy !!!!