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Monday Again!



Here we go again………..another week starting and another weekend ending………..we had a glorious-weather type weekend in my neck of Virginia – it was BEYOND nice.   I got a whole lot of fresh air, a pretty good amount of exercise for an old guy, and had some fun along the way.    How about you?

A couple of things to tell you all – for one, tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT day………….that’s right – Teaser Time again…………….and remember it will appear like magic when you least expect it so:

Be Purrrrrpared!

You might win a badge of glory – or maybe a Big Greenie…………let’s find out tomorrow OK?  OK!

TuesdayTeaserBadge You ARE a fan aren’t you??????

Another thing to tell you is that on May 10th I will be celebrating my FOURTH blogaversary.    Four years of having fun – and  some of you have been along for the ride for the entire four years while others of you joined me along my way.   How am I celebrating?  Well I’ve thought about it and thought what kind of special party I should have but know what?   I’ve decided to have no special theme (I thought about having a pajama party, or a costume party, or doing a camping trip) what I’m going to do is just have food, drinks, and FUN and I want all of you to join me.   How’s that?   Please plan to stop by and celebrate TWO big days – it’s of course Mother’s Day too so of course you MUST honor your Mom, but after you do that, stop over and say hi here………..I’ll be waiting for you.  I’ll have plenty of food and hugs available and we can start my 5th year of blogging together – OK?  OK!

My Mom says she'll share her recliner AND her Mother's Day with ME!!!!!!

My Mom says she’ll share her recliner AND her Mother’s Day with ME!!!!!!

Meanwhile, see you tomorrow for TEASING!

Hugs, Sammy

Non-Manic Monday


It’s Monday and we’re waking up slowly here at my house!  We can hear the “going to work” traffic out on the highway and it’s a big reminder for my parents of the days when they were out there in the thick of it traveling to work themselves.  Nowadays, we’re ALL retired in this house – no traffic – no pressure – no big worries.  Well, I still have to decide where my prime napping spot of the day is going to be and what I’ll ask Mom to give me for breakfast but those aren’t really TOUGH decisions. 

Sammy Having Breakfast

Yum! Whatever this is, it’s not bad!

Here’s the thing…..I was adopted after my parents had both retired so I never had to deal with them driving off every morning and leaving me ALLLLLLLLLLL alone all day.  Nope.  I’ve been lucky enough to have both of them here almost all the time (other than when they take those far away vacations they take!).   That’s why I’m super attached to my humans.  PLUS I’m an only-cat so my humans are my “entertainment” around here!  It’s not the same when they’re not home….. 😦 

Sam Standing at Front Door
I’ll just stand here until they get back! How COULD they leave me alone?!

Anyway, the point of my blog today is that when I hear the morning newscast and the reporters are telling about all the bazillion accidents on the highway during rush hour (and there are tons of them around Washington, DC that’s for sure) it just reminds me how glad I am that my parents are HOME.   Mondays aren’t any big deal around here.  It’s just another day – another “Non-Manic Monday” and I love it like that!

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day
BYE BYE! Hope your Monday is “non-manic” too!! Don’t forget – tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy