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SPARK on Monday


Time for a little SPARK on Monday morning.    You know by now that SPARKS was created by our friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader – Annie isn’t blogging for now but the SPARKS idea has a life of its’ own and those of us who think Monday is a great day to INSPIRE are still sharing our Monday “sparks” with each other.

I have a totally simple SPARK this morning.   I remember when I was working before I retired I dreaded Mondays.   I knew I’d have to finish up things I’d started on Friday and worried about all weekend and had to tackle “first thing on Monday”………I’d arrive at work and think it was just too overwhelming but once I started resolving issues and finishing projects of course I DID get through Monday.   I also felt like I’d accomplished a lot and it cleared the way for a good week.    In time I learned to face Mondays as a challenge and not a burden.   Now that I’m retired, Monday is STILL my day to start fresh.    I put on my positive pants (jeans!) and off I go……..one step at a time.    Monday truly is a state of mind – make it a positive start to a positive week.   It works – trust me.



Love, Pam ♥