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Sunday Selfie Hop on Mom’s Day


The Hopping Place on Sundays!

Time for the Selfie Hop with Kitties Blue and this is a special one because it’s Mother’s Day!    Would you like to join in our fun?   Click their badge and you’re IN.     Today I’m wishing my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day AND she’s wishing HER Mom, who became an Angel in 2000 a Happy Mother’s Day too.

My Selfie for today really is a “double” because I’m with my Mom in the card I made – how could I NOT be with her on this special day?

And here’s the card my Mom made for HER Mom for today:


P.S.  Some of us have no Mom but have all the love, devotion, and comfort provided by our equally important Dads!   We wish THEM the very best of days too!

Hugs, Teddy (and Mom too)

Mother’s Day and Instant Replay


Hi Everyone!  Normally I do a Silent Sunday post…………gives my Mom a bit of a break…………and this won’t be a LONG post today but I wanted to say that I love my Mom and love ALL Moms because it’s a very hard job but one that should be appreciated.  It’s not easy taking care of someone else and making sure they’re safe, happy, healthy, and ready to face the world.   My Mom has done that for ME and I’m sure your Mom did it for you!

This is a photo of my Mom’s Mom………..she passed away many years ago but my Mom carries her in her heart always.  Kind of like I’ll always carry my Mom in my ginger heart.

This is my Mom's Mom

This is my Mom’s Mom

So a VERY VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to Moms everywhere………………..!


Now, a bit of a recap of my most pawsome blogaversary party yesterday………….in fact, it’s a recap with photos from THIS blog party AND my Cat Scouts blog party – I had TWO blogaversary parties yesterday!   Thank you to everyone who came to one or both of them – I wanted my friends to help me celebrate and you didn’t let me down!   Have a wonderful Sunday – you really made my day yesterday…………….honest!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love always, Sammy

P.S.  My beautiful Queen Nellie was a bit late in sending this but I wanted to share it anyway!!!!  SPECIAL KISSES NELLIE!!