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Sam’s Grandpa

Old Family Photo

Our "military family" many years ago

Sam very graciously allowed me to “borrow” his blog today in honor of Veteran’s Day.  He never knew my Dad – Dad passed away in 1992 after a lifetime of serving in the Air Force.  This old photo is one of my family together at a park in Germany when my Dad was stationed in Weisbaden in the 1950s.  That’s my sister Carol on the left, my younger brother Mike and I are perched atop an obviously elderly (or tired!) donkey and of course my parents standing behind us.   Our family moved frequently during my Dad’s long career.  This was his first European assignment and I have a lot of memories of attending kindergarten, our backyard with its’ fruit trees, and the BIG German Shepherd that lived behind our house who scared my little brother to pieces every time we TRIED to play in our sandbox out back! 

But the main reason I chose this photo today is because my Dad looks so handsome and proud in this photo.  He always looked so grand in his uniform.  Always.  He loved every minute of his military service too.  He loved it so much in fact that when he retired from the Air Force, he almost immediately went back to work in the same office in the Pentagon as a civilian!  He was in “Personnel” (called Human Resources these days) and really enjoyed helping manage soldiers with their careers. 

Because I spent many years in a military family I of course met a lot of folks in various branches of the service.  I can’t say that I ever, ever met anyone who wasn’t proud to be serving their country.   Every time I visit my Dad’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery, I walk past lines of memorials to those who spent time serving and protecting the rest of us.

My Dad’s now serving and protecting his own little piece of heaven now, but for the time he was here – with me – I certainly always felt safe and very proud to be his daughter.  Today I want to thank every single person who has ever served their country in any way – military or civilian – for it’s YOU who have made our country what it is today.  Bless you.

Pam and Sam