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Meds and Mods (huh?)


MEDS = medications

MODS = modifications

Kind of a silly title for my blog today but I’m updating you on two BIG things in my life…………….my medication I’m taking now AND some recent modifications to my favorite of all napping spots – THE TENT.


Doctor Sammy can help you with that!!

Doctor, is Sam being a good boy??

I have been eating my smushed up methimazole tablet for my hyperthyroid condition for two weeks now.  Next week I’ll have to go to the vet to get my blood checked again to see if the medication is working!  We are all hoping it is or I might have to take TWO smushed up pills with my yogurt and other sneaky substances (thanks to those of you who suggested some pawsome other things to try!).  Mom will NOT be happy about that……she wakes up every morning worried I won’t take my ONE pill…..so having to take TWO would put her into orbit.


You know I’ve been a BIG FAN of the tent as a napping location – for as long as I can remember in fact………..and basically my tents have just been simple affairs – pillows propping up some kind of afghan, quilt or blanket with ME installed under them happily snoring away.

My tent is located in my Mom’s studio/computer room.  It’s up on the studio couch and takes up one whole end of the couch.  The “open” part of my tent faces her desk and computer………and that’s always been great because I can see her and keep an eye on her and vice versa.  Well, for some weird (and I do mean weird) reason, before I was diagnosed with the thyroid thing I had begun acting differently – just little things but Mom knew something was wrong…….that’s why we went to the vet.  Anyway, one of the things I had begun doing was waking up frequently in my tent and talking to her – the clickity-clacking on the keyboard was bothering me (we think)……and if Dad was in the room with her and they were talking, that REALLY made me talk.  I didn’t like all that noise!!!    SO, Mom decided to try a modification to my tent.  She put an extra pillow at the open end so it halfway closed off the opening.




Purrrlease remove that flashy box!

BOY OH BOY DO I LOVE IT…………..it’s much darker inside my tent for one thing but it’s also more quiet AND I can’t see Mom (and Dad) so I’m staying quiet.  No talking………just snoring………!

For me this is grand because one thing I am doing since I’m on my medication is SLEEPING a whole lot more.

So, this has been a relatively boring blog today but I wanted to share two BIG things with you………………I’m being VERY VERY GOOD and taking my pill every day AND I have a brand new tent design that you might like to try.   I know I’ve converted quite a few of my friends to tent-life since I’ve been blogging – I highly recommend a tent for security, snuggyness, and PEACE AND QUIET.

That’s my news…………..nothing earth shattering but for a guy like me and at my age – it’s exciting enough let me tell you!



(you might even say I’m quite conTENTed) !

Finally Friday


Happy Friday!   Those of you who work are happy today is the last day of your work week (hopefully) and those of you who are like my Mom and Dad and are retired will look forward to Friday as just another day in paradise (HAHAHA).

Thanks everybody for your concern about me and my thyroid issue – we’re staying positive here and Mom says she’s hoping the differences in my behavior are temporary as I adjust to my meds.  I’m quite restless when I’m awake but I am sleeping more and I think Mom’s enjoying the breaks from the neediness/restlessness when I’m taking a nap in my tent!   I don’t blame her………but I have to say I’m a bit confused about how I’m feeling too.   I’m hopping up and down off Mom’s lap after only about four or five minutes at the most whereas before I was sleeping deeply while snuggled on her legs on the recliner.   She says she misses me – HEY MOM- I’m still HERE!!!!!!


Anyway, ONWARD.

Today was a majorly sunny day and on the warmish side at 85 for a high.  I asked Mom if I could go outside and I did go briefly – long enough for a bite of grass – then back into the A/C.   I still like a bit of green stuff from time to time!  See?  Some things NEVER change.

Sam outside in front yard

Oh boy…..green stuff!!

Mom finally got a battery for her digital camera so I’m going to have her take some updated photos of MY plants on the back deck…..you’ll be interested to see the “before” (when first planted) and “after” (now) shots.  Especially MY tomato plant – it’s HUGE……I mean BIG………and we harvested two tomatoes off of it today which my Mom and Dad are eating in a salad tonight.  YAY……Mom says there is NOTHING like a homegrown tomato.  I wouldn’t know – I think they’re fun to push around on the floor if one falls down there but other than that I have no interest in them!   I’ll post the photos on my Saturday blog.

Well it should be no surprise that all the attention I’m getting is pumping up my ego – last night I had a dream that I was the KING of Times Square!   What do you know about that!!!!!!!


Hope you have a HAPPY Friday………..I’m going to be super busy today myself at Cat Scouts!   My Troop is taking a Riverboat Cruise so I’ll be busy photoshopping and posting all weekend.  Sigh.  A Troop Leader’s work is never done!

HUGS, Sammy