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Finally Friday


Whew……what a week.   Mom was busy most of the week with “STUFF”, and was busy whining about my medication and how nobody seems to be able to guess my Teasers any more and BLAH BLAH BLAH.   Well today is Friday and I won’t be complaining today – what do you think about that?


Mom and Dad will be cleaning the house but that’s fine – no biggie.    I’ll be hanging out in the basement anyway………….I need rest anyway because next week on the 12th, we have the FIRST Cat Scouts Jamboree EVER.   That’s right – EVER.   We’ve had other stuff like Quests with competitions between Patrols but a Jamboree?  Nope – this is our first.  We know a FEW of the things we have to be prepared for but not everything.   AND the Jamboree goes until Sunday the 16th when we’ll hike back home from wherever it is that we’re going (we don’t even know THAT part yet!).   OF course all of this is “virtual” and will be happening on the Cat Scouts site BUT we have to be purrrrrrrrpared (like good Scouts are) for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.    Mom and I are both nervous  wrecks.   I hope I do alright – you know I’m a TROOP Leader so I don’t want to embarrass myself now do I in front of all my Troop buddies????????

I'm a Lion Scout now AND Troop Leader of Wildcats Troop too!

I’m a Lion Scout now AND Troop Leader of Wildcats Troop too!

After the Jamboree is over, it’s just a few days before TURKEY DAY here………………..Thanksgiving means turkey which means leftovers which means I get to have some!    Mom and Dad aren’t always home for Thanksgiving – last year they went to the mountains to have “turkey day” with Mom’s sister and Dad’s brother and his wife………they will be doing that again this year but they come home the next day with PACKAGES OF LEFTOVERS!!!!!!!!   I do like a bit of turkey – how about you???

I made this last year to celebrate Thanksgiving - it's still "working" for me!

I made this last year to celebrate Thanksgiving – it’s still “working” for me!

So what’s up for you this weekend?   Naps?  Treats?  Car trips?