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HA!  Gotcha with that title didn’t I?   FRYday…..get it?  Oh never mind!  It was a horrible joke……….

However it is a lead in to the fact that Mom’s treating me extra special today because we’re having bacon.   So there is a “FRY” in my Friday.

Check out this cool flowchart Misaki sent to me!!!

Check out this cool flowchart Misaki sent to me!!!

Yesterday was May Day and did I say anything about that?  No – I totally forgot to post this photo and I thought it was so cool when I found it then WHAMMO forgot to post it.  DUH.



Hope you had a great start to the merry month of May.  I sure did.  Yesterday was incredible after all that rain we had – it was EIGHTY ONE at 3PM and the sun was out and shining its’ heart out.  Did I like that?  You betcha!  Did I go outside and roll around on the front porch in the sun?  Oh definitely!   Did I munch on the greenables out there?  DONE!   It was just a nice day.

Sam grazing on the grass



I’m working on my plans for my blogaversary and will announce “all” on Monday so stay tuned…………I know there are a lot of things going on right now – BlogPaws Conference is coming up for one and many of my buds go to that….don’t worry if you can’t make the pawty on May 10 or even if you’re just too busy getting ready to pay attention – WHATEVA!   OK?  I’m a “no pressure” kinda guy!

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)

I look rather “no pressure” here wouldn’t you say???????

Hope you have a super FRYday even if there’s nothing FRIED in your immediate future.  After all, rain or shine we’re buddies – right?