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Make Believe….


Happy Monday Morning!

This morning I’m having a little fun with some of my Mom’s paintings that I look at every single day hanging on the walls of her studio (where my duplex is!).  I look at the painting and decide WHERE I would want to be if I was “there”………

For instance, if I was “in” this picture, I’d want to be up in the tippity top of that red lighthouse – spying out a little window and watching the seagulls swoop around on the beach!

If I was in THIS picture, I’d want to be up in the woods at the edge of the big rocks – watching the waves (and again probably keeping one eye on the seagulls just in case one landed right in front of my nose!!)….

This one is super easy…..I’d be lying on this great front porch….maybe even sitting in that rocker…..just hanging out – maybe even napping!

This one is a little tougher – it’s an old covered bridge – but I think it would be neat if up in the rafters of the bridge was a spy spot I could have climbed up to; maybe even some convenient birds nests up there too so I’d have plenty of “entertainment” !

I think if I was in this one I might be peeking out one of the windows in that great big white house……watching the sailboats sail by:

And in this one, if I was here, I’d……………….wait a minute!…………hey hey……….with THIS picture, I don’t have to “imagine” – this is NOT one of my Mom’s paintings, this is a photo of my house and I live here NOW and chances are I’m on the front porch – lovin’ life and wishing my Mom would quit snapping photos and come sit with me up here on the hill!

If you could pick one of the paintings above to be “in” – which one would it be and where would you be if you were there?????

Happy Make Believe Monday………….and don’t forget tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday………..!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀