Happy Birthday Madi!

It’s Madi’s SWEET 16!

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Well Madi you wanted us to celebrate your birthday by telling the tale of an epic car journey, or how we (or our humans) learned to drive or something about a road trip of SOME sort – a driving tale.

I have bunches of stories I could tell but I’m going to let Mom tell HER story, and by way of pawticipating in the “driving” part of this HOP for you, I’ll just show both me and my Angel brother Sammy in our cars that we “drove” in the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derbies of the past.    The rule was you had to make your car out of a cardboard box and you had to be IN the car to get credit.   Of course Angel Sammy who hated boxes (!) wouldn’t get in his car so Mom had to hold him inside for his photo.   HAHAHA

Here I am in my “milk truck” making deliveries – this was last year’s Scouts derby……

Here’s Mom holding Angel Sammy in his car – this was several years ago…..

Those are our “CAR EXPERIENCES”………………now here’s Mom to tell her tale!

Thanks Teddy!    I have a story to tell from many, many years ago…………I was probably 18 years old and on a date with my then boyfriend who became my first husband a few years later.    We used to take what we called “drives to nowhere” – we liked to just drive around exploring side roads (yes sometimes we were looking for a good “parking” (!!) spot) and one beautiful Fall afternoon we had just had lunch at a drive-in restaurant when we decided to explore.   We went down a side road that was just about one lane wide – it was paved and headed into a wooded area and we kept following it and following it and it turned into a dirt road.   It looked like a well-traveled dirt road though so we kept following it.    Meanwhile it was becoming “dusk” and we were thinking MAYBE we ought to be heading back home.   It was still light but in the woods on this road it began to FEEL just a little bit “ominous”……….we couldn’t find a good “turn around” spot – there just weren’t any but in one area it was slightly more clear on the sides of the dirt road than other places so he tried a 3-point turn………..we got STUCK.     Under all those leaves on the side of the road in what we thought was a “clear” area (no trees/shrubs) was MUD and we were stuck in it.    I was beginning to panic – I knew we sure couldn’t leave the car and look for help – we were in the middle of nowhere AND it was getting darker.    I knew my parents would have a fit……and of course there were NO CELL PHONES back in the 60s so we had no idea what we were going to do.    Then a miracle happened – we saw someone walking UP the dirt road in front of our car.    Honestly – I was even more scared when I saw this person – who knew what kind of person he was or where he came from, etc.   My boyfriend got out of the car and walked toward the man………he said he’d been hunting and heard what sounded like a car stuck and came to see if he could help.    I COULD BREATHE AGAIN.    He was very nice and helped get our car out of the mud and onto the road and helped us get the car turned around.    No I didn’t hug him but I sure thanked him.    He looked at us and said “I was young once!” and smiled.    He knew why we’d gone down that road……….!!     

Madi, Angel Sammy, Teddy and I all hope that you have fun reading all the stories today of driving adventures.    This was the only “different” kind of driving related story I could come up with!!

Happy Birthday from Pam, Ted and Angel Sammy

Madi, remember this old photo of you and Raz arriving at the Drive-In Theater???   Did you and Raz go for a “drive to nowhere” afterwards????    Tee Hee