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Finally Teaser Tell All



Ready for me to open the silver briefcase????



Well, you had to wait a whole extra day to get the news on the Teaser this week.  Was it horrible having to wait?  Did you go nuts having TWO DAYS to think about the Teaser?   I went nuts waiting for Mom and Dad to get home from their overnight getaway but now that they ARE home, we’re ready for the BIG REVEAL on the Teaser photo!

Here’s the photo again:


Where was the photo snapped?  My Mom took this picture when she and Dad were on their honeymoon in 1990 on the THIRD stop of their trip which was in (drum roll please) LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND!!!!!   See those white blobs in the photo?  Mom edited (sloppy but at least you couldn’t see) a couple of Swiss flags on the two shops.

SNEAKY?  Yep……it was a rainy day Mom says but that didn’t keep them from wandering around and window shopping – lots of beautiful jewelry stores here and other nice shops.

Now – who was my FIRST COMMENTER on Tuesday morning after the blog post went live?   It was my old pals Oliver and Calvin who don’t have a blog but are “frequent flyers” when it comes to First Commenters!   Let’s give them a round of applause – AND this badge:

You commented on the Teaser blog FIRST!

Who was my FIRST RIGHT GUESSER after this TWO DAY Teaser-fest where I gave you two days to figure out where the photo was taken?   Drum roll please:


ME!   Why?  Because nobody got it right!!!!!  I “gotcha” !

I did have a lot of great guesses though……….even some guesses that it was Switzerland – but NOBODY guessed Lucerne.  I have had some OTHER Lucerne Teaser photos before just not this one.  WOO HOO FOR ME!

But all the rest of you are still winners because you ALL get a GREENIE!

Uhoh....you're wrong!

I hope you had fun with this week’s Teaser……….I did……..but I didn’t enjoy my Mom and Dad leaving me again because we had a huge storm and lots of rain and wind and Mom’s lap wasn’t available for me to use for safety.  Pitiful isn’t it?   While I was here suffering, Mom and Dad were here:

BOATCABIN4 BOATCABIN9 BOATCABIN10That’s right – relaxing on a boat in Solomon’s Island, Maryland with my Dad’s brother and his wife!   Did they think about me all alone?  Maybe……actually Mom was very happy to see me and I was happy to see her when they got back.   She promised NOT to do another overnight trip for a while………..thank heavens!

Love, Sammy



Teaser Tell All


We Have A Winner!

So we may have missed handing out the “First Right Guesser” badge LAST week, but this week we DO have a winner…………..and in fact MANY winners but only one “FIRST”…………..but before we get to that, here’s the photos from yesterday!


Where was my Mom standing when she snapped these photos?   LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND!    My Mom and Dad were there in 1990 on their honeymoon and were crossing a bridge to get to the side of the river where a BIG street flea market was being held.  In fact, if you squint or blow up that photo SUPERSIZE you might see a crowd in the distance by those buildings.

Lucerne is a beautiful city…………my Mom and Dad would love to go back one day – they were only there for two days which was not nearly long enough to see everything.  Good excuse to return right?

My “First Right Guesser” was Kjelle Bus, aka “Charlie” who lives in Sweden and his Mom whispered in his ear what the answer was and he was FIRST!    This is for you my good buddy!


There were a LOT of you who guessed correctly though so I also get to hand out bunches of THIS badge to those of you who said Lucerne – the “Right Guesser” badge which also didn’t get awarded last week (of course)!


If you were “in the dark” and didn’t guess right or didn’t know – you get the BIG GREENIE……………now you’re happy you got SOMETHING right?  I hope so!


Tune in next week for another fabulous round of Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser……….you never know where we’ll go next or if it will be a Guest Teaser – or even if it will be a “THING” instead of a “PLACE”!    I’m just FULL of surprises!


Happy Wednesday!

Sammy the Teaser

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Teaser Tell All Time


Happy Wednesday Peeps!!

I guess maybe this was one of the toughest Teasers yet – wouldn’t you say?  I kept thinking I’d used it before BUT what I was really remembering was that I’ve used this CITY before.

The reason I thought that was because over a year ago, I had another Teaser photo on my blog that my parents took in this same city while on their honeymoon.  Where were they??   Why they were wandering the streets exploring the beautiful city of LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND! 


Mom and Dad weren’t with a tour group on this trip – just walking the streets snapping photos – very excited to be seeing this beautiful city – so they didn’t bother (!!) to find out WHAT the wall was for, how old it was, what that little tower at the top is, NOTHING!  People in love can be so silly can’t they????  (just kidding Mom and Dad)   Anyway, it was in September and it was a foggy day – kind of cool – and they took a lot of side streets off the main walks and roads in the shopping area just exploring and saw this very pretty garden.   They were in Lucerne for only two days on their trip, then back on the train they went and headed to Paris for their next stop.

Are you sad that nobody guessed right?  Well, guess what – I am……no special BIG SAMMY HUGS to pass out.  😦 😦

How about I give everybody a “JUST BECAUSE” hug – “just because” you tuned in yesterday to play the guessing game….”just because” I have as much fun as YOU do on Teaser days…..”just because” I want to!

Hey – I’m allowed to do that – right?  It is my blog after all !!!
Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

Two Teaser Winners!


Good Morning Friends………..!  You all are getting pretty darn sharp with the Tuesday Teaser photos OR I’m picking ones that are easier than I think they are because we had TWO winners again!  Two correct guesses!  

Firstly, here’s the photo from yesterday (just to remind you):

And now – the news you’ve all been waiting for – the two correct guessers were…….(drum roll please):



The photo was taken from a bridge in the city of LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND

Woo Hoo!  Concatulations ladies – good job!

Here’s your great big SAMMY HUG



Happy Wednesday everybody…………..Sammy the Teaser