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Teaser Tell All


Still clearing snow out front of the school – WHEN WILL SPRING BE HERE???


Yesterday was kind of a whirlwind wasn’t it……………we had a lot of ground to cover here at school – not just Teaser but also Professor Teddy’s big day and Miss D’s not so great date.

The Teaser yesterday was an interesting one we thought.   Our Graphics Department provided the photo and thought it could be just about “ANYWHERE”………….and the guesses showed that you thought that too!

“Anywhere?” – what country is that in????

Well not literally ANYWHERE but SOMEWHERE and the SOMEWHERE was difficult to figure out.   HOWEVER someone DID figure it out and we’ll tell you WHO in just a minute.   BUT FIRST:

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so special!!!!  

Now, let’s talk about who was the FIRST COMMENTER yesterday shall we?    I know that’s usually a big clamoring mess of students waiting to mow down the front door of the school and be inside FIRST.    This week was no exception.   We have THREE First Commenters to honor today who were all within the first minute we went LIVE yesterday:


CLOWIE, PIX, and OLIVER/CALVIN that’s who!!!!


All of you get one of these of your VERY OWN!!!

WHEE! I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of March 5, 2019!

Then we waited to see what kind of guesses would come in and we’re talking BEACHES ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!    There weren’t a whole lot of hints available in the photo BUT someone DID figure it out…………wanna know who?????    Well, we’ll tell you but first here’s the photo one last time:

This is a photo of beautiful Long Island, New York.    A most interesting area and if you’d like to know more, CLICK HERE !

Who figured this one out FIRST?

Well I know it wasn’t ME!

Our First Right Guesser was:

JACKIE from Two Devon Cats!!


For you!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of March 5, 2019 – good for ME!

Did anyone else guess Long Island?   Well, not as of when we worked on this post, BUT if you were lucky enough to have figured it out too, then you get one  of these:

I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST to guess RIGHT on the Teaser of March 5, 2019. Still, this is a pretty cool badge!!!!

And those of you who tried to guess the Teaser this week but had WRONG guesses……….you know that we still honor you for TRYING:

I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of March 5, 2019 BUT I tried and that makes me a winner anyway! So there!

Congratulations everyone!

I was wrong but still got a cool badge….I need to polish up my Sherlock skills!

I’m already excited about NEXT Teaser…..maybe I’ll be FIRST!!!!


Wasn’t that a splendid Teaser?    If you’d like to send us a photo that you think would make a good Teaser photo – please do!  Just email it to us and we’ll give it to our Graphics Department.   One day YOUR photo will be what the students agonize over.   It’s fun!

Can students send in photos????  I’ve got some doozies…….

YES INDEED!    Students are welcome to send in photos!


Who’s up for lunch?    Miss Dingleberry is over her disappointment at Blind Date #1’s rude behavior and is looking forward to Blind Date #2 next week.    Remember him?  You all chose him as the second guy for Miss D to meet:

We’ll just all hope things are BETTER with this guy than the other one right?     Now let’s see what’s on the cafeteria line for EATABLES today!

Hello Students…..hope you enjoy your lunch today.   Eat up!!  

Today’s Luscious Lunch:

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Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy