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SPARKS on Monday


Be A Light……..

Monday is the day we light our fire for the week and hopefully – just maybe – light it for someone else as well!    This is a new blog hop hosted by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader………and the purpose is to share an inspirational thought, quote, photo, idea that will SPARK the imagination or hope of everyone who reads it.    Seems like a good way to spread some “happy” as well as some hope in a world that often doesn’t seem to have any of that available!     We thank Annie for starting this………it’s growing………..and it’s also nice to know that maybe something you’ve said in your SPARKS post has touched someone in a positive way.

If you’d like to join in the Hop – just click the SPARKS graphic above and go to McGuffy’s Reader, fill out the LINKY form and you’re in!   Along with the rest of us!

Here’s my thought for the day – or for the week – or forever.

Be a spark……or a mirror……and spread the light.

Happy Monday, Pam

Sparks on Monday….


Time for Monday SPARKS! 

Our friend Miss Annie at McGuffy’s Reader started a new post idea for Mondays – last week was the FIRST of many “SPARK” posts to come.    We participated then, and we’re participating today too with another bit of “SPARKLE” for the world……………..the idea is to post something that lights up the day, the life, the thoughts, the energy for those who read it.   Adding a little spark to the way we think………….if enough of us sparkle – who knows just how LIGHT the world will get!     If you’d like to join in – just click on the SPARKS poster above and go to McGuffy’s to add your sparkling thought to the Hop.

Here’s our SPARK for today and thanks Miss Annie for hosting this GREAT idea!

Love and SPARKS from me and Mom!  

Love, Teddy

Monday Sparks!


Let your “spark” light up the darkness!

“Sparks” is a new and inspiring “Hop” from our friend Miss Annie at McGuffy’s Reader.    Her idea is to bring some LIGHT inspirational quotes, thoughts, and most of all energy to this world we live in by posting some spark-power every Monday on our blogs.  Social Media is a powerful place – sometimes good and sometimes not so good but hopefully the things we post on Mondays for our “Sparks” will have a positive effect on everyone.    It seems to have become “easier” to be negative, but maybe we can turn that around with some powerful LIGHT in the form of Annie’s “Sparks” ?

If you’d like to join in the Hop, just click on the logo above and link up with an inspirational thought, some positive power, some light…………….here’s ours:

Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

Me and my Teddy!