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SPARK on Monday


Happy Monday!   I would say that as of today I am “MOSTLY” back from my blog break after surgery.    I’m still on pain meds, still hobbling around with walker and cane, still needing naps but I’m conscious (!) most of the time so that means time to get back to blogging.

SPARKS is one of my favorite days too.    Sharing a thought that might mean something to others – something positive and uplifting in particular.    Things are looking brighter in the world now in many ways although we have a LOT of challenges ahead with the pandemic and other issues but at least – FINALLY – we have a light to focus on instead of a bottomless pit.

“SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when her blog was hacked some time ago.  It was meant to be a way to start out each week with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to each of us and hopefully everyone else who read it.    Sometimes we need a little “spark” in our lives and these posts were meant to at least be a PART of that effort.    Those of us who enjoyed sharing a SPARK with Annie have continued doing so on Mondays – and we hope one day soon Annie will be back blogging with us again.

My SPARK today was hard to find……………This past week has been a hard one for me filled with challenges but the week before that was even worse – we all faced a situation that seemed impossible to handle too.   But we got through that – and we will get through further challenges I’m sure.    The SPARK quote below applied to me in SEVERAL ways.   Maybe it will mean something to you as well?   Give yourself credit………we are capable of more than we think we are sometimes!



Hugs, Pam