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Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to HOP!    Sunday is Selfie Hop day with Kitties Blue.   You ought to join us – if you want to, click their badge above and go for it.    We’ll see you there.

Mom realized yesterday when she grabbed her camera to take a couple of photos of me that almost ALL MY PHOTOS are the same.    I’m either in the Granny Chair in the guest room, or on the floor with my belly up, or SOUND ASLEEP and she’s right!    Of course the fact that I won’t sit still (usually) long enough for her to take my photo MIGHT be part of the reason…….but then there’s the fact that I do sleep a lot to be considered.

Here’s the photo she took of me yesterday – technically it’s not a selfie because I didn’t take it MYSELF but I’ve delegated the responsibility to my Mom so that counts!

See what I mean though?   I must have shared a bazillion photos that look just like this with you……………From this chair I can see across the upstairs hall to Mom’s office where I can keep an eagle eye on her while she’s at her computer………..however, obviously right now my eagle eye (and the other one too) are CLOSED TIGHT while I sleep.

I know I’ve probably told you why we call that chair I’m in “THE GRANNY CHAIR” but I’ll tell you again anyway.   The chair itself belonged to my Dad’s Mom and when she went to the Bridge Dad got it.    The quilt on the back of the chair belonged to my Mom’s Mom and it was a wedding gift to her when she married my Mom’s Dad in 1947.    Perfectly good name for that chair would be THE GRANNY CHAIR right?

Happy Sunday!!!  

P.S.   Did you think I forgot to do a puzzle for you puzzlers?   No I didn’t – I was saving it for last…..AND I’m not telling you who or what the puzzle is of.   You’ll just have to GO FOR IT!    Ready?   Set?   Go!

Click Here For Surprise Puzzle

Sleep-In SAMday


Since yesterday my parents deserted me all morning were gone all morning to the Street Fair in town, today they promised to stay home and have a nice lazy day. 

That means naps for ME, playing with ME, pampering ME, taking ME outside, giving ME treats…..it’s SAMday – not Sunday. 

There will be:

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)


And some couch-potato-ing:

A Post-Breakfast Nap on the Couch



And last but not least, I’ll be visiting the “Grandma Chair” in the guest room for a little of this:

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


So – you get the picture yes?  While I’m doing this, my parents will be reading the SAMday paper, having SAMday breakfast together on the back deck, and reading.May you all have a similar kind of day…..of course since I won’t be there with you it can’t be a SAMday for you like it is here, but I’m sure you’ll have almost as much fun as if I was spending the day with you (tee hee).

Kitty Hugs

SAMday Sam

Uh Oh……

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

What? Huh? Uhoh...I overslept didn't I?! It's this darn time change thing!

OK, OK, it’s embarrassing…..here I’m the one who mentioned the time change last night in my blog this past week and I’m the one who slept late this morning!!!  My blog is late, my breakfast was late…..and on top of that, my internal alarm clock wasn’t working like it ALWAYS has these past twelve years.  Usually (so says Mom), when the time changes twice a year I’m right on top of it.  I actually start “training” my parents about a month before the change by getting Mom up earlier and earlier every morning until that spring day when instead of really being 5AM, it’s 6AM.  Not this morning.  I’m afraid my old mature age is showing.  I pretty much sleep all the time so if my humans were expecting ME to be in charge of the time changes this year they were WRONG.  LOL So, here I am anyway, blogging an hour later than usual.  Something tells me though that me and my family aren’t the only ones who struggled a little with this stupid “Spring Forward” thing this morning – right?  Huh?  Come on………..’fess up!!  Well, this will be a short blog this morning because I’m WAY WAY WAY behind in my “things to do” today…..a whole hour off in fact……..gotta go rearrange my tissue pile and I’m still searching for that rubber chicken my Dad got me a few days ago.  Somethings up with that I think – – – just because I chewed the feet and head off of it I think Dad “confiscated” the rest of it so I wouldn’t eat it.  That’s probably for the best…..who knows WHAT that thing is made of anyway!!!!!!!!  Happy “Spring Forward”………..Your LATE Pal, Sammy

Another Lazy Sunday

Sam snoozing in Mom and Dad's bed

Sunday means sleeping late....!

I didn’t MEAN to sleep late – honestly I didn’t……there’s something about Sunday mornings though….even my Mom and Dad overslept this morning so it wasn’t just ME.  Even when Mom called me to breakfast I stayed put.  Enjoying the quilt and thinking “breakfast can wait”…… On Sunday mornings, usually it’s Mom who’s up first.  She does all her regular stuff: make coffee, put dishes away from the dishwasher, clean up whatever mess Dad made around his recliner the night before (tee hee), “flush” my toilet (well, you know what I mean!), AND give me breakfast.  Then she bundles up (except in the summer of course) and treks down the 250 foot driveway to the bottom of the road and gets the Sunday paper.  My parents don’t get a daily paper – just on Sunday. Then, before Dad gets himself up for the day, she and I “read” the paper together.  Me on her legs on the recliner, and her going through her favorite bits of the newspaper (which most often is NOT the “news” parts – just the fun parts!).  If Mom puts the radio on and it’s on the classical music station, I get all “drifty” and fall asleep.   Isn’t that a NICE way to start a Sunday morning?  Well, it is.  Nice and quiet and peaceful. Then Daddy gets up and “quiet time” is over!  🙂 Hope you all have a QUIET Sunday wherever you are.  Me?  I might just go upstairs and hop up on Mom and Dad’s bed again…..Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

Kitty Hugs to All!!!!!!!


Conversational Snow

Sam Closeup Lap

Huh? What'd you say Mom?

Mom and I had some cozy time (as usual) yesterday afternoon while we watched the snow coming down.  Mom said it was “conversational snow”……not much to go on and on about but worth a “mention” !!   It was funny though because it kept changing – – – sometime teeny tiny flakes you could barely see – then it changed to big, fat, juicy flakes – then a mixture of both – then all sleet.  Couldn’t make up its’ mind! 

It’s too dark to see outside yet this morning but I’m going to bet that when I CAN see out there, none of the snow stuck.  It had been in the 50’s the past several days and think that made the ground and stuff too warm for snow to stick.  (gee – I sound like a real weatherman huh??)

Yesterday about dinner time Dad made a big fire in the fireplace and since my tissue collection is on the rug in the middle of the room, I had a perfect spot to watch the fire from.  We just spent the evening watching TV together and of course I grabbed some ZZZZ’s and it was the PERFECT day. 

So what makes a perfect day for you??????

Your Pal Sammy


Perky Again!


How I Spent My Tuesday

Napping with Mom on the recliner

Napping with Mom




Napping on Mom



It's good to be me......

Napping on the Sofa

Got the general idea?  Halloween hoopla just plain wore me out.  I certainly got caught up yesterday though…..I’m feeling perky this morning. 
I’ll find something to get into today – i can just FEEL it – I’ll start by opening all the cabinets up in the kitchen and leaving the doors open……then maybe I’ll leave a few toys in unexpected spots – like on the stairs maybe……I may even get up the energy to do one of my famous “three floors of stairs running marathons” !  Of course if I do that at my age, I’ll be worn out again and have to spend all day Thursday napping to make up for that.
Hmm……..perhaps I’ll just be my usual self today.  Whatever that is.
Sammy, One Rested Cat!!


Reclining on the Recliner

Napping on Mom's lap (as usual)

Some photos need no explanation.....zzzzzz.....

I’m sure ya’ll get tired of hearing me talk about my naps…..even though they are a HUGE part of my life (and getting moreso as I get older!) – but really, what’s more relaxing for humans OR their companions than knowing they can grab some “Zs” in safety and complete comfort?  Hmm? 

Today’s going to be a lazy kind of day anyway.  My parents are leaving me later this morning to drive out into the country to meet my Auntie Carol and her visiting daughter Barbara (from some place far away called California) for lunch.  When my parents aren’t home, I just curl up somewhere – like their bed – and WAIT.   Waiting leads to napping of course….and my naps are usually pretty long (assuming the doorbell doesn’t ring) so by the time I’m ready to wake up – they will be home I’m sure.  Then I’ll lay on the usual guilt trip for leaving me ALL ALONE….sniff…..with my meows of gratitude and cute faces when actually I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet of having the house all to myself! 

So you guys know where I like to have MY naps around here – what’s YOUR favorite nap spot?  Huh?  Maybe you’ll give me some new ideas for nap locations………….I’m always up for that!

Hope your day is as comfy as mine is gonna be……

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Saturday Snoozin’

Snoozing on the stairs

Gee, I hope Daddy's awake enough when he walks down the stairs this morning to notice I'm lying here......!

Nothing like a Saturday snooze…..well, honestly, any day is a good snooze day as long as the monster (vacuum) isn’t out of its’ closet and Dad isn’t doing something NOISY in his shop in the garage. 

I heard Mom say a little while ago that there’s a part of the front yard that needs mowing.  Just a “part” ??  Usually she does the whole thing (mostly an excuse to ride around on her lawnmower I think!)……..but with no rain for weeks now, nothing is growing out there……except the weeds of course.  I bet that’s what she’s going to do – – – mow the weeds!   I guess THAT will be a little bit noisy but won’t last long if she’s just doing part of the yard.  I’ll just watch from inside the house like I usually do.  When I see her heading back to the garage, that will mean all the noise will be OVER and I can return to my regular Saturday schedule!

Well, Stevie the Moocher has already been here for her morning snack and left for another day of high adventure (or whatever it is that she does all day long!)…..and I haven’t checked to see what Mom gave me for breakfast yet so I guess I’ll give it the old sniff test and maybe a slurp or two.  Then it will be back to the stairs or my window perch or on Mom’s bed for more Saturday snoozin’…….

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy some Saturday snoozin’ too! 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat