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I’ll HELP You Mom

Yeah sure………………..for Sammy “help” used to mean “today I won’t hop up on the bed and go instantly to sleep knowing you’re about to change the sheets and that you will NOT wake me if I’m here sleeping”………..these days if Sam “helps” he goes down to the basement and naps while I’m doing laundry.  That’s MY kind of help!

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

Aw gee Mom….do you HAVE to put the bedspread back on the bed? This fleece blankie is so NICE!

It used to be that once the fleece blanket got BACK on the bed after I put clean sheets on, Sam would park himself there and make biscuits for about a half hour then snooze for a few hours and if I was lucky, I had the bedspread back on the bed by the time David and I were getting IN it for sleep that night!    Those fleece blankets are cat magnets.

These days though he can’t get up on the bed – refuses to use kitty stairs, or a chair, or anything to help him get up – he just doesn’t get ON the bed period.   Those achy breaky joints stop him.  I’ll pop him up there if he comes into the bedroom while I’m in there though………and put him back on the floor when he’s ready to get down – it’s what Moms do right?

Know what?   I kind of miss the days when he’d interfere with bed-changing and laundry…………………I’d love to hit his “instant replay” button and go through the last 16 years all over again – WHAT FUN!    Not that we don’t STILL have fun, but laundry day used to be something I looked forward to because of the playing around with him……..these days I look forward to laundry day for the clean sheets.   Hmm…….doesn’t sound as fun does it?!

LOVE clean sheets!!

Aw heck Mom….we still have fun….it’s fun NAPPING – right?

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)

Yes Darling Boy…….napping IS fun when I can watch you do it!

Happy Thursday!  


End-o-Week In Sight


Yeppers – Friday approacheth!  This is our last chance before the last day of the week to get something constructive done so we can say “gosh this has been a busy week”.   Well, to be truthful it kinda has been.   Mom had a little “whoopsie” with the garage door and the car (we won’t talk about that though), I did a lot of STUFF in preparation for the weekend’s activities at Cat Scouts, Mom read TWO books, Dad went flying………….see?  Busy week.

Today I help Mom do laundry.   “Help” is purrrhaps not the right word……….I do more “observing/snoopervising” than actually helping.  I mean how can a small cat drag sheets down two flights of stairs to the laundry room?   Can’t be done by THIS cat…..so I’ll watch and snoop.

Laundry....they make it look FUN.....

Laundry….they make it look FUN…..

July is usually a very hot and steamy month here but just as most of you have reported, our weather here has been nothing short of WEIRD for weeks on end.   In the 60s one day, in the 90s the next……….driving rain or steamy humidity and sun……..but it is what it is………and we have A/C and a shady front porch and woods.  We can’t complain (well, I can complain but my parents can’t).

Today I can hear about 87 mowers mowing all around the community.   We’re getting good at recognizing who we can hear – different mowers make different sounds………”Oh, Pete’s got his zero radius out” or “Warren sure can zip that John Deere around his yard like a race car!”……………I think everyone is mowing because they know we’re supposed to have more rain coming.  That usually gets people fired up.   We’re gonna wait.   Mom mowed Sunday and it’s only Wednesday – by Friday we won’t be able to see out the windows because the grass will be that high.   Fine with me….you know I love to eat the stuff – I’m part goat.


Hope you’re not TOO hot where you are – Europe is frying and the USA out West is just about doing the same……….maybe they should change the term to “GLOBAL FRYING” instead of “GLOBAL WARMING” ???

Have a Great Thursday no matter what!


Rain and Wind….Oh My!


It’s not as yucky here as I know it is in many other areas today BUT yesterday it was one miserable day.  Great for naps but nothing else.   Windy – rainy – chilly…………….



But enough about the weather…………after all, it will be what it will be even if I don’t complain right?   Today is the 23rd and that means the clock is ticking until time for Kyla’s Highland Games AND, for that matter, before the Haunted House on my blog for Sam-O-Ween.   I have two other parties to go to that day – one at Cat Scouts and one at the Tabby Cat Club.  I’ll be one busy guy……….but I bet most of you have multiple parties to attend too.    We’ll all have a lot of fun though won’t we.   I sure have a lot of GREAT entries for my Funniest Costume contest…..just wait until you see them (giggle).

Our front porch decked out for Halloween

My porch decorated for LAST year’s Sam-o-Ween

Today is laundry day at my house………….Mom changes the sheets on the bed and does the clothes laundry and towels too.  Exciting right?  Wrong.  I used to enjoy messing up the bed when Mom changed sheets but I’m a bit too “long in the tooth” (aka old) to do that these days…..but sometimes I follow Mom around as she does all her “stuff”……just to be companionable – know what I mean?

Laundry....they make it look FUN.....

Laundry….they make it look FUN…..

Mom’s gonna make an apple pie today – that will be the highlight of the day because it smells so wonderful while it’s baking.  She’s using granny smith apples – I think I’ll probably be able to pop up on her lap while it’s baking – she won’t want to be far from the kitchen and her recliner and the TV are right next to the kitchen.  I’m thinking it will be a good LAP/LEG nap day.   YAY!

Sam on Mom's Recliner

C’mon Mom…..let that apple pie bake – I need you here!!

Do you have any special plans today???  Hmmm?????

Hugs, Sammy