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Teaser Tell All



Oh boy was that a goodie!    It generated a lot of great guesses that’s for sure!   But before I tell you who won what, let’s take another peekie at this great photograph – Mr. Mystery Man, would you please post the photo for us one more time??

Certainly......here it is!

Certainly……here it is!


I want to take a minute to thank my GUEST TEASER, my good friend Gracie from “Goodness Gracie” and her Mom Miss Stephanie who sent this photo of (drum roll please)……..The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazia in Milan, Italy which is where “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci was painted on the wall of the dining room in the church from 1494 until 1498!   Now that’s what I call a great wall decoration!    Here’s where you can learn a bit more about this beautiful church and the history it enfolds just CLICK HERE.    Gracie and Miss Steph, this GUEST TEASER badge is for you!

Thanks Gracie and Miss Steph!

Thanks Gracie and Miss Steph!

Now for the awards……………..my FIRST COMMENTER was the dynamic duo of Calvin and Oliver (here is their FACEBOOK page link).   BRAVO BOYS!  Here’s your badge:


Who was my FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   Yesterday it was my good friend Kolytyi who popped up with the details first!    Flynn’s Mom ALMOST got it…..but Kolytyi had the whole guess right!  This is for you!


Did you ALSO guess correctly?   There were others of you who did and you get this badge!


Wrong again?  Clueless?  Not any idea at all?  OR maybe you just wanted another Greenie?   Here you are!


THAT WAS BRILLIANT……………..thanks for playing along with me this Tuesday………………..it’s always tons of fun to see who gets what!!!!

Now before I go, I want to acknowledge that today is Veteran’s Day…………….I have posted a post in the Tabby Cat Club (going live at 4AM Eastern Standard Time) about my Grandfather’s service in the Air Force since he’s my FAVORITE Veteran, but no matter what – I want to thank ALL veterans everywhere in the world who have served in the past or are currently serving because WE LOVE ALL OF YOU and we APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU and we HONOR ALL OF you on this day.


Thankful for all the brave

Thankful for all the brave

Hugs, Sammy the Teaser!