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Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday!    Well, how did this day sneak up on me so quickly?    Mom says time is just passing by faster.   I’m not so sure.   BUT however it got here – it’s here and we’re pawticipating in our “usual” Sunday activity which is being part of the SUNDAY SELFIES BLOG HOP hosted by Kitties Blue.    Would you like to join us?    Good – click the badge above and link up.

I have a selfie of me doing my favorite thing – sleeping.    Mom snapped it while I was guarding the fresh sheets she’d just put on the guest bed.   I like to protect them from intruders you know – don’t we all do that for our Moms?    She snapped this on December 27 before we got to the end of 2019…..then she jazzed it up with Lunapic’s “Landscape” effect although I can’t really see why they call it that – I just look like I’m staring at her with my lasers on while lying on clean sheets (not out on the land somewhere!).

I know what you’re thinking……………”doesn’t he EVER run around and do stuff other than sleep?” – well, yes I do but Mom and her camera are usually right across from the guest room in her office and I like to keep an eye on her from the guest room.   Well, anyway, she made a puzzle out of this of course for anyone who would like to do a puzzle on a Sunday morning!

Click this MINI-ME for the puzzle!

Mom just said as she helped me finish this post that she expected to turn around from her desk and see me in this very position across the hall from her……………maybe that’s where I am?    Wherever I am I’m going to have a good Sunday and I hope you have one too!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Woo Hoo!  Sunday’s here and it’s time for selfies.    Our hosts, The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head would love it if you would join us – just click their badge above and link up.   We’ll see you there!

I’m going back to my “flashback selfies” this Sunday.   Mainly because the only photos Mom took of me this week were of me asleep on the guest room  bed which would have looked PRECISELY like the selfie we had last week.   You’ve seen one TEDDY-NAP you’ve seen them all as far as I’m concerned.    I haven’t looked “back” yet to see what my flashback photo will show – with my luck it will be ME asleep on the guest room bed (hahahahahaha).     Well, let’s see what we have in our photo files……….


Well this is a funny one – it’s from November 30, 2017 – so you know by now this is “The Granny Chair” in the Guest Room and my lasers were burning up the airwaves for some reason in this shot of me.   I can tell you that these days I take up a lot more room on that chair than in this photo (hahaha).   Anyway, I like this photo – perfect double lasers!!     It’s so funny to see me two years ago – I’ve come a long way baby.

Mom decided not to “jazz” this one up when she did a puzzle for you…………….why?  Who knows – have we ever QUITE understood our humans?  No…..maybe that’s only fair since I bet they don’t QUITE understand us either.  HAHAHA

Click this Mini-Me for the puzzle – and GOOD LUCK!


Happy Sunday!!   

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Time for a Selfie!

Hello everybody!   First a quick thank you for all the sweet notes from you yesterday on the anniversary of Sammy becoming an Angel.   It was a sad day around here but our hearts were full of all the love and memories you shared with us of our guy.

As for today’s selfie – well – we always join this Hop because it’s FUN, and our friends The Cat On My Head host it and it’s cool to join in and visit everybody who participates!  Would you like to join in too?   It’s EASY PEASY – just click on their badge above and you’ll be there in a second – LINK up and that’s it!

Today’s Selfie is one that Mom did NOT do any Lunapic art effects with – we thought it was pretty funny just the way it is.   One of those “laser eye” shots – Mom saw me curled up on a chair in the guest room and of course I gave her the “FIRE EYES” effect which is better than anything Lunapic could do!

Tee Hee

Happy Sunday!   See you tomorrow for the PRE-TEASER Monday!

Hugs, Teddy

Weird Wednesday


Weird?   Maybe Just a Little!

See what I mean?    Mom got this photo of me using my lasers to ZAP her camera as she snuck up on me in the upstairs hallway – I HAD been snoozing until I heard the camera – THEN she added insult to injury by sticking a pumpkin on my private parts for modesty’s sake!    Do cats even HAVE modesty?   I think not!    We let it all hang out……….right?

See why I called this Weird Wednesday?  

Hugs, Teddy and his Pumpkin Parts

Pee Ess…….just in case you were wondering, my doctor says I’m not fat – I’m just BIG.