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Sunday Selfie Hop



Alright! Well, Mom didn’t hobble around with a camera again this past week – so I’m having to resort to flashbacks YET AGAIN. Mom is falling down on the job but I have to cut her some slack – she can’t get around so well but after her hip surgery this coming Friday I bet she can run marathons!!!!   If you’d like to join in the Hop just click the badge above, go to The Cat On My Head and link up!


This little gem is from January 7, 2018 – I like the art effect and I just bet I did a puzzle back then – let’s see – if I didn’t, I’ll do one for you!

Hmm….I didn’t do a puzzle back in 2018 but I just did one so here it is:

Click the Mini-Me for the puzzle and GOOD LUCK!

See you next Sunday – Mom has surgery Friday so I’m hoping she will be BACK in business on the computer Sunday.  I will encourage her…………..   

Hugs, Teddy