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My Hectic Schedule

Sam Settling in for a Nap

Whew! I needed a rest...busy morning!

I’m sure you all think just about all I do is SLEEP….but you have to understand that because I have such a busy schedule, I need to stop and take a rest from time to time.  For instance, here’s what I did Wednesday morning:

  1. Woke Mom up at 5AM and supervised my breakfast preparation
  2. Checked my blog for comments that needed responses and supervised Mom while she helped me post them
  3. Followed Mom into the bedroom closet and supervised while she got dressed and ready to go to the grocery store
  4. Checked Mom’s grocery list to insure my treats and food were on the list in a suitably LARGE print so she wouldn’t forget them
  5. On her return, supervised Mom while she put groceries away while sitting on one of the chairs around the kitchen table talking the entire time (SHE called it pestering but I called it talking)
  6. Followed her upstairs to the bedroom closet again and supervised her while she changed her shoes to put on her house slippers while talking the entire time (SHE called it pestering but I called it talking)
  7. Whined at the front door for someone to PLEASE take me outside for a stroll and a grass munch.  I have to admit that this time I was the one who was being supervised…..
  8. Supervised Mom’s choice of treats for me after we came back inside from cruising around the front yard watching squirrels

Finally she sat down that that’s when she took the above photo.  See?  I was totally exhausted!   Then after I had a nap for about an hour Mom got up and did a load of laundry (which I supervised) and the ironing (which I also supervised).  After everything settled back down (gosh it just took her FOREVER!), she sat down again and when in about ten minutes I was sound asleep she took THIS photo:

Sam Sleeping (again)


So maybe now you see just how busy my day is and why I have to get my rest…..I just bet you thought I was one lazy old cat now didn’t you!!

OOPS – it’s time to go supervise Wednesday dinner preparations – see?  There’s just so much to do around here that a guy has to make sure he gets plenty of sleep to keep up with the awesome duty of “Household Manager” !