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It’s MY Day!


This one is for you little Siddhartha!!

Happy Bacon Day!!!   I know Saturday means a whole lot more to ALL of us than bacon (right?) but for me, it’s one of the highlights of my week – along with Tuesday Teaser of course.  Bacon is  heading my way this morning…..Mom says Dad has requested a “bacon/egg/cheese” (just like McD’s only BETTER…….we’ll call it McMom’s) sandwich and I’ll of course skip the egg and cheese and head for the “good stuff” !!


I’m reading all the time about who likes what in the way of cat food – or doggy food  too……..some like meat, some like chicken, some like fish, some like ANYTHING………..here’s your chance to chime in……….why am I askin’ ?  Just because I wanna know (and/or I’m nosey):

I’m a seafood guy………..although the other day just for fun Mom gave me a meat thing  and after she smashed it all up so there were no chunks, I actually kind of liked it!    I eat both wet and dry food.

But today isn’t about all of that – it’s about BACON!


I’m constantly amazed at what people find online that is “related” (sometimes very DISTANTLY related!) to bacon………like bacon scented deodorant (huh?)  or bacon shaped bandaids.  It’s a wacky world isn’t it?

EEEEEK!   Say it isn't so!

EEEEEK! Say it isn’t so!

We are finally having some SUNSHINE starting today…….I’m looking forward to a sun puddle after a week of rain.  YAY!    Yesterday was dreary until late afternoon when the  blue sky managed to peek out of a few holes in the clouds.   The rain stopped  in the morning just in time for our Arborist to arrive.   She was super nice – she also said that while we do in fact have some DEAD leylands that should be removed, the rest of them needed some  pruning and thinning and  they didn’t need to come down – at least yet – maybe for a few years even – so Mom and Dad are happy about that.   We do want to eventually replace them  though as they are taller than our house  and now that they’re old, they no longer screen the view on one side of our house (the view is of our neighbors messy garage, kids toys, basketball net, volleyball net, skateboards,  canoe, and six cars) so we’ll get something  that acts as a screen BUT does not grow 60 feet tall.   The Arborist knew her stuff too – if you have any issues with any of your trees, consider going straight to an expert – this lady is an Arborist with a really well respected tree company that does everything from A-Z  with trees.  Considering how much money most landscaping costs, it’s worth it to have someone who KNOWS  things take a look at your trees first!

That’s the end of my lecture……………I can hear the magic sound of bacon cooking………..come to think of it, I can smell it too and you know how GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD that smell is!





Gimme a “B” !


That old school cheer………………”GIMME AN A” ……… “GIMME A B”…………..and on and on and on……….well you know what my “B” stands for on Saturday right?  Oh yah!


So that’s all I’m thinking about this Saturday morning…………….and Mom didn’t let me down either………….she made blueberry pancakes WITH bacon and I of course got my bit-o-“B” !!



Now I know you wanna know about the landscape thing right?   Well the guy DID show up on time and DID know his stuff.    However, instead of it being all good news and happy faces there was a lot of frowning and sadness when he pronounced most of our Leyland cypress trees – which we have tons of on both sides of the house as screening…….”probably” have blight and should be removed.   They’re over 40 ft. tall……………..we’re talking THOUSANDS OF BUCKAROOS to do something like that………….so we’re having a tree specialist come before we do anything drastic.  Dad’s having a FIT over this part…………..trust me on that.

The back yard is TOOOO shady to do a lot of planting beyond what’s already there – but if Dad would cut down his two favorite maple trees back there (EEEEEK) there would be a chance there could be some nice planting beds with shrubs, etc.   (Put that suggestion in the “ain’t gonna happen” file)

One of the two maples they want Dad to cut down....ARE YOU KIDDING?   We love this tree!!!!!!!

One of the two maples they want Dad to cut down….ARE YOU KIDDING? We love this tree!!!!!!!

So what’s left?   One good thing (at least maybe good) is that we do have some nice spots to have a patio put in………..maybe connecting it with the bottom of the stairs that go up to our deck……Mr. Landscape dude is working up a couple of drawings and estimates for THAT………..even that won’t be cheap because there will have to be a retaining wall so they can make a FLAT space for a patio out of our totally sloped downward backyard.

Sounding pretty bad right?  Right!   Dad’s having “wallet heartburn” and Mom’s got a smile plastered on her face trying to stay positive and keep Dad from having a fit.   Stay tuned……..this rocky ride to beautiful back yard at my house is liable to be ROCKIER before it smoothes out!   I’ll continue to keep you posted – you know me – I’m happy to SHARE.

Hugs and Happy Saturday!