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The Buck Stops Here!

Sam appears on a 100 bill.....now that's MAD money!

Sammy Bucks.....worth every penny!!

Talk about getting your money’s worth huh?  Now THIS is a sensible photo to be put on a $100 bill don’t you think?  Who wouldn’t like to have a wad of these babies in their wallet……..I would think they would be worth as much as the “real” $100 bills floating around out there.   Maybe more! 

Instead of having photos of all those old guys on money, why not jazz things up with pictures of famous pets?   I think we’re even more photogenic than the people appearing on actual bills and coins these days.  Just look at that face!!!!!  “Spend Me Pleeeease???”……..

The only thing is I’m not sure how I’d feel about being folded in the middle like my Dad does with his bills before jamming them in a money clip.  I’m too young to have a creased or wrinkled face!

Happy Thursday Peeps! 

Sammy, One Big Money Man