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My Welcome Blog Hop!!


It’s Double Hop Sunday!!

(My Teddy Welcome Hop AND my Sunday Selfie Hop with The Cat On My Head!)

Hi!  I’m Teddy!  Who are you?

'Scuze me while I scratch!"

‘Scuze me while I scratch!”

You all know by now that I’m the new kid on the block here at Angel Sammy’s house – I’ve been here a week as of yesterday and I am truly LOVING LIFE!    My new friends Mr. Raz and Miss Madi had this idea to give me a WELCOME BLOG HOP and they asked Arty and the gang of Dory’s Backyard to host the Hop on their HOPPITY HOP PAGE – I am just so excited and thrilled that I’m making new friends!

I am so energetic that it’s tough for my Mom to get any really GOOD photos of me – her camera isn’t fast enough to catch me before I run off and have another new adventure around here but in the days to come, I will get a chance to blog here on my Big Angel Brother Sammy’s “blogosphere home” and that will be tons of fun I bet!

My brother is going to keep me company here today as I meet all of you – – – – I hope you don’t mind – – – – but he is my VERY BEST FOREVER FRIEND AND BROTHER and my Guardian Angel!


I will visit all of you and I hope you all are enjoying visiting me too……………please come by ANY TIME…………Angel Sammy and I will always be here.    You can watch me grow!    I’ll be one whole year old on March 4th – isn’t that fabulous?   I had no idea I’d be living in such a wonderful FOREVER home like this but I sure do love it.    The shelter was nice but THIS is where I belong!

Will You Be My New Friend??


Love and Baby Hugs, Teddy


Now for my Sunday Selfie Hop

With The Cat On My Head

We always pawtipcipate in the Selfie Hop with The Cat On My Head and even though we also had a WELCOME HOP for me today, I’m also in the Sunday Selfie Hop!   WOW – it’s a double hopper!!!

If you click their badge below, you can be transported to their blog page AND you can use the linky and join in their hop today OR just visit all the other hoppers!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Here’s my VERY FIRST EVER Selfie!!!!   Thanks for helping me Angel Brother Sammy!!