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Well Everybody – yesterday was quite a whirlwind with me heading off to Downton Tabby in my “Earl of Kimmell” outfit (thanks for all the compliments) – I had a lovely time – met “Liz” (or Queen Elizabeth to those who don’t know her as well as I do)……and Gracie looked lovely as she was our hostess for the day.  Now it’s back down to earth.   It’s just GOOD OLD ME today – minus the “Earl” thing.




It is Monster Day but that’s ok…….I think the house could use a little “monstering” since I’ve managed to leave toys here and there, my tissue needs changing because I’ve been tearing it up on the floor this week, and there’s a fair amount of cat fur in various locations.  So I’ve given Mom the GO AHEAD on the monster out of the closet thing.  I’ll just hide in the basement.  That works for me.

We were going through old photos yesterday (me and Mom) and I saw this one again and thought it might be fun to show it here on my bloggy.  I hadn’t been living here with my parents very long – and I think this was the first time Mom put me up on the footstool in the living room – I was impressed with how BIG I felt WAY up there on the footstool.  Everything looks mighty big to us when we’re little doesn’t it?   HAHAHAHA  I’ve come a LONG way since these days…….I was probably about 8 weeks old – the shelter didn’t know for sure how old I was when I was brought in.  All I know is I’m glad they DID bring me into the shelter and I’m glad my parents showed up shortly thereafter and couldn’t resist my poor pitiful “kitty eyes” !!!!!   We know how to snag a home don’t we gang??????

I know I'm only about 18 inches off the floor but wow - what a view from up here!

I know I’m only about 18 inches off the floor but wow – what a view from up here!


I hope you all have a FAB Friday……….!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Aw Mom! Another Baby Picture???

Another baby picture of Sam

Alright Mom....dragging out all the baby pix I see? I still like to steal ribbon any time I find it lying around!

OK…..you’re going to have to bear with Mom everybody – she started going through my old baby pictures and there’s liable to be MORE of these in the days to come!   Obviously this one was before I started hating flashes on cameras…..talk about looking right at the camera!  Anyway, I dragged this red ribbon around for months and months as I recall…..people were bringing all kinds of toys for me to play with but THIS was my favorite thing. 

I still love ribbon….when Mom’s wrapping a present for someone (I’m not the only one who gets presents around here ya know!)…..I’m RIGHT THERE waiting for the ribbon to come out.  She always gives me a piece so she can finish wrapping without me putting my big old paws in there to grab some.  I’ll drag it down the stairs and all over the house until it gets chewed up and worn out then just wait for the next opportunity to get a fresh piece! 

I’m SURE I’m not the only cat who loves ribbon…..but that reminds me – I’ve been meaning to ask all you other cats (or dogs) who read my blog what YOUR favorite toy is?  

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

From “Handful” to “Armload”…That’s Me!

Alright - so I'm even MORE of a handful now than I was when this pic was taken!

This was back when Daddy could actually HOLD me.....now that I'm 14 lbs. I'm even MORE of a handful! HAHA

Ahhh….another week begins.  Actually the only day of the week I “know” is Sunday and that’s because one of my parents brings the Sunday newspaper inside and I get to play with various parts of it while they read the rest.  All the rest of the days are pretty much the “same old, same old”…….

But that’s another story……I was looking at some of my old baby pictures and realized that I used to be pretty darn small.  This old photo of me in Dad’s arms was taken after I’d lived with them for a few weeks – nobody could say for sure how old I was at the shelter but I was a lot smaller than this!  We cats can grow FAST!  I really don’t remember much about how I got to the shelter to tell you the truth.  They told my parents that I was “found” under an old house.   All I know is I was one lucky kitten to have been at the shelter the day Mom and Dad came in because they adopted me and I’ve been spoiled rotten ever since. 

I know that I’m not THAT big of a cat really – Mom had a good friend that had two cats that each weighed 25 lbs. and there are LOTS of people who have big cats like that – or even bigger!  Mom says I eat like a little piggy but imagine how much food those BIG cats eat……wow……If I wasn’t so picky about my food who knows how much I might weigh.  YIKES

I already know today is going to be the day I have to get my nails trimmed.  It’s quite a project, thanks to me and my squirming!  Daddy holds me (haha) and Mom trims my nails.  The hardest part is my extra toes on my front paws (so she says).  I usually try to stay very still but not TOO still – I want to make it a bit of a challenge for them.  Tee Hee….yeah, I’m a little devil alright! 🙂

I guess I’d better go now – if I’m not mistaken (and I never am) Mom’s got the pantry door open where my food is…..I need to get down there and get in position to give a “thumbs up” approval or a “thumbs down” rejection of whatever she puts in my dish.  I like to keep her on her toes – – – I change my mind frequently – – – what was yummy one day, might be icky the next. 

Life is good……..I hope BREAKFAST is too!!!

Sammy, One Spoiled Fourteen Pounder