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Good Morning Faithful Baconians!

It’s our favorite day of the week here in Baconia and I hope you too look forward to this day in your weekly schedule.    We gather together and rejoice at the JOYS OF BACON!   What’s better than that?   Well maybe a few things like catnip, etc. but we won’t get into that – we’re here to have BACON!

Firstly I want to thank my good friend Cat Scout Charles and his Mom Miss Inge for the FABULOUS card they sent to me and my Mom……………how’s this for totally cool???????

That’s obviously a replica of ME holding up the card – – – after all – – this time of day my eyes not very sparkly – at least until I’ve had my bacon – then they SHINE LIKE CRAZY!   HAHA

Thank You!!!

Now shall we have a bit of bacon to start things off???

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That ought to get those juices flowing fellow Baconians……………….take your pick……………should make your day much better and keep a smile on your face!!!!

Yep – that’s the smile I’m talking about!

May the bacon fairy visit you this morning and bring you EXTRA servings of the most PERFECT of PERFECTIONS – bacon……………..I’m hoping for double portions myself.   Mom?   Whatcha say????

Mommy helped me to a somersault JUST FOR YOU!

Have a fabulous Saturday!!!!   I know that I will!

Love, Your KING!!!!!


Beauteous Bacon!



Ahhhh…..another day I get to smell the “Aroma of the Gods”……..BACON cooking!   Anybody else feel that way????


So you smell it too huh?


As you can see I have plenty of bacon already made……….step right up and fill up your plates and your tummies.



No need to run – have a seat and enjoy your bacon treats………….it’s not good to run on a full tummy.     We work hard being adorable all week long just so we can enjoy being treated to some bacons on Saturday right everyone?   Right!    Remember, if your humans have “convenient memory” and forget about the Decree – give them this as a reminder!!!!!!!

No sense beating around the bush – make it official!

This gets ’em every time!!!!!!   Good Luck!

Remember, Angel Sammy is watching you – he would want you to fight for your right to BACON!

See you next Saturday Bacon Fans!

Bacon Saturday!


Let’s EAT!

Welcome Friends!   Another delightful Saturday is beginning and as always we will start ours with BACON!!!!!

This might be enough to START with anyway………….

Thank you oh Bacon Fairy for visiting us today!!!!!!

Mine tingle EVERY Saturday and sometimes other days of the week – I’m a baconator like my big brother Angel Sammy!

Sometimes we have to work REALLY hard to sneak a bite and other times it’s just in the food dish!

Then there are those HAPPY ACCIDENTS when bacon accidentally lands on the floor – give those peeps the innocent eyes thing and it will be YOURS!

Wait…..I can’t see why we can’t wrap the neighbor’s cat in bacon.  If we did, maybe I’d LIKE him.

This stuff is for real – Mom gets it at our grocery – and trust me – it’s SPAMALICIOUS!!

I trust you will have a satisfactory Saturday AND that you will be able to hypnotize your human into serving YOU bacon today.

Now, if you’ll ‘scuze me, I’m gonna take a snoozie in my Kingly Quarters!


Happy Bacon Day!

Teddy, King of Baconia

Welcome to Baconia


‘Tis good to be King!


Happy Saturday Loyal Subjects of the Kingdom of Baconia!   Another day to celebrate the wonderfulness of that PURRFECT foodable – BACON!

I found a couple of new Tee Hees for you this week regarding my favorite item in the refrigerator (or frying pan) and here you are for your viewing pleasure:

baconcat baconminion baconstonehenge


HAR de HAR!    Can’t decide which of those is my favorite.   Everybody has something FUNNY to say about bacon these days…………….!    The “Cat in DeNile” one reminds me and my Mom of this one:


No, Mom, that one doesn’t remind me of YOU!

So, other than having bacon today which I do hope is your destiny, what’s up?   Getting ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow?  What?   NO?    Well, I love football.   I find it fascinating to watch TV when all those little ant-like creatures are running all over the screen and a brown ball thingie gets tossed up in the air and everyone piles on top of each other or sometimes catches the ball thingie and runs like the dickens!    It’s just as good as BIRD TV!

Whatever you do this weekend, if it involves boating, please be reminded to be careful if someone calls you from the shore…………keep focused on your job of steering your boat to safety………OK?





The King is exhausted…..heading back to my “throne” !

Hugs, Angel Sammy aka THE KING

Feed Me!


Do you all remember the movie and/or play “Little Shop of Horrors” ??   In it is a plant named Audrey that DEMANDS to be fed – it screams “FEED ME!!!!!” and what it’s wanting to be fed is a HUMAN – doesn’t matter who it is – wild little movie but I bring it up because Mom says this morning it sounds like I’m saying “FEEEEEEEED MEEEEEE” to her.   Over and over while the bacon is cooking.   Mom just said “I’m making your bacon Audrey” !   Harumph!


Mine are tingling too buddy!

Mom’s making these little gems this morning….of course MY bacon isn’t coated in pancake batter but I must admit, it does look good!

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

So you may recall that last week I took a poll to see if you all had a problem with me declaring myself the KING OF BACON………..I am pleased to report that EVERYONE who took the poll said I was the KING………..it’s GOOD to be King………….I say everyone in the Kingdom should have a refrig full of bacon.   Like that MEME I’ve showed you before:


Yep – I’ve tried to convince Mom that she has way too much other stuff in our refrigerator – it leaves little room for a decent bacon supply.   She isn’t listening though – she insists there are other foodables that she and Dad want in there in addition to MY our bacon.   No fair Mom!

Yesterday we had sun………real live sun………today?   NONE…….absolutely NONE.    We have rain and the bad thing about that is that today is the annual Warrenton Spring Festival so all those people on Main Street will be huddling in their tents with their crafts and stuff wishing it wasn’t 54 degrees and raining like mad.   Mom and Dad always go (well, almost always) because they have wonderful food vendors and they plan to get there in time for lunch and to wander in the sun checking out the STUFF.   Not this year……….they’re not gonna be on Main Street.   Too bad about the rain but they have in the past gone on a rainy Saturday – just not THIS rainy Saturday.   Mom says she doesn’t feel like carrying an umbrella all over the place – opening and closing it to go inside tents, etc.   I’m OK with them staying home……….I’ll just look extra cute and maybe Mom will make BLTs for lunch……………(giggle).

So – what can I say except I hope there’s no rain or snow where YOU are……………AND I hope you have a super Saturday (with a side of bacon if pawsible).

The King