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Bragging On My Mom

Rainbow Forest Fables Cover

My Mom's first kiddies book! (that's KIDDIES not KITTIES !)

Allow me to do a little shameless promotion for my Mom.  After all, Mom does tons of things for me so the very least I can do is give her new book a plug on my blog – right?

Besides, you may remember that I told you all in an older blog that I was helping Mom look for just the right tree in our woods for her to use as a photo for the cover and back of the book – – – a tree where the forest fairy who takes care of all the animals in the magical forest lives.  This was the tree I (yes me) suggested and there it is – in living color!

So this is a book of fables….you know what a fable is….a little lesson being told in a very understandable and fun way.  My Mom wrote the stories using creatures living in the forest – like birds, squirrels, chipmunks and even some bugs!  She also did all the artwork herself.  It’s not a big book but the type size is large enough that if a kid COULD read, it would be easy to read and if an older person wanted to read it TO a kid, the older person could SEE the words!!!  😉 

You might consider buying a copy of it if you have kids or grandkids or know someone who does….it’s a cute book but then of course I’m slightly biased in my opinion of anything my Mom does!!!  She’ll eventually offer it for sale on her website I would think but for now, it can be ordered from http://lulu.com/  and you just put “RAINBOW FOREST FABLES” in the Search box!!!  Cool huh? 

Yeah, I’m proud of her………she’s published a mystery novel and has two other novels she may eventually (hint hint Mom) finish one of these days but this little book is something VERY different for her.  Plus it was a lot of fun for her to do.  I’m all for my Mom having fun.  After all, thanks to her I have fun every single day!

Sammy, One Public Relations/Marketing Manager Cat 🙂