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Teaser Tell All


Ding Dong……School is in Session!


You all are getting to be almost impossible to fool – I can do it but RARELY – this week I sure didn’t fool many of you because several of you got it RIGHT!    Wanna hear the whole scoop?   OK.

First off, we had a FOUR-WAY tie for “First Commenter”  …………….. FOUR WAY?   YES!!!!   Within the first minute four very ALERT peeps were here to chime in with a hello and they are:


FOR ALL OF YOU – you each get one this week!


Now I’d like to thank my GUEST TEASER this week – the lovely Madi and her fabulous Mom Miss Cecilia!  Here’s the photo they sent me:


Seems SEVERAL of you recognized this totally cool spot – Ketchikan, Alaska!   And the WINNER of the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER says this is a rather well known area of the town because it’s where the “ladies of the night” ply their trade (not that I’d know anything about that of course!).



BUTTTTT (there’s almost always a BUTTTT) we had SEVERAL who recognized this place as Ketchikan and all of you who did, get this!


AND for the rest of you dear friends who did NOT guess correctly, there’s always the GREENIE!


Suzie asked me to put up her badge for those of you who want to actually declare in public (if there is anyone who would MAKE it public) that they are her fans – she claims to have a HUGE following (although she does have moments of clarity for the most part she’s just a TINY bit delusional!).

I'm a SuzieQ Fan - Are You?

I’m a SuzieQ Fan – Are You?


As for me, I visited my vet yesterday and got another dose of “the works”……….fluids, B12, cerenia, epogen – I was NOT well for a couple of days and have lost even MORE weight (from where I  don’t know as I’m skin and bones!)………from 7.4 lbs. down to 6.11.    I’d make a good scarecrow that’s for sure.   But point is I’m feeling better.   I have a good shot at making Christmas.  Keep those happy thoughts coming gang!

Tomorrow is Thankful Thursday

I have lots to be thankful for…..


It’s also my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with the LETTER “Y” !


Hugs, from The Prof

Thanks for being my friends and such GREAT geography students too!

Thanks for being my friends and such GREAT geography students too!


Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

My patient is being a true King of Baconia today.  No that does not mean a “royal pain in the tushie”…….