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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday……….countdown to Christmas is underway. This Hop is a fun one – The Cat On My Head is our host and you can join in and post your selfie if you want to – just click on their badge and link up with us.

My selfie is a little difficult to figure out today – I have my face resting on the train track…………….Mom insists on putting presents under the tree and even though I push them out of my way, sometimes I have to resort to awkward positions in order to get under their properly!    

Anyway, I can’t get mad at her – after all she’s my Mom!    Has to be presents under a tree right?   Right!    

We jazzed the photo up a bit with Lunapic…………..then did a puzzle………….good luck…………..and have a super Sunday everybody………………………………….


Here it is after we applied the “FROST” art filter with Lunapic!   Frosty huh???!!

And here’s the FROSTY puzzle if you would like to give it a whirl!

Click this little photo for the puzzle

Happy Sunday and Happy Puzzling!

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Are you ready for the Selfie Hop?   We are………………and if you want to join in, just click the badge above and it will take you to The Cat On My Head where you can sign up with us.

I have a “different” selfie today.   Actually it’s a “DOUBLE”……………..I took a photo of David taking Teddy out for a breath of air about five minutes ago.    I took Ted out earlier this morning so it’s David’s turn (haha).    He went to the airport early this morning to do some prep for tomorrow’s plane inspection and Teddy snagged ME to take him out in the 41 degree morning air (brrrr).

Anyway, I was at the top of the steps and I told the boys to smile for the camera – David complied (or at least he looked at me) and Teddy could only think about that door opening up to FREEDOM!

I think he believes if he stares at the door long enough it will magically open.   Anyway, I thought this might make an interesting puzzle with all the angles so I made one for you Sunday Hop Puzzlers!

And I made a puzzle of this one – I used Lunapic’s “CONNECTIONS” Art Effect……………I really like the way things look with this particular filter.

Just click this mini-puzzle and it will take you to the jigsaw puzzle!!!   Good Luck.


Now I’m going to go outside and join my boys! Happy Sunday……Pam



Sunday Selfie


Happy Sunday!    The last Sunday before Christmas is here and we’re going to be hopping with everyone else to show off our Christmas Selfie.   Want to join in?  Click on the badge above and do it!    Our hosts, The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head host this great hop every week.   Total FUN!

Before I show you my selfie for this Sunday I want to just say a little word about my friends The Kitties Blue.    Most particularly the youngest of the kitty crew, little Sawyer.    He needs lots of purrs and POTP because he has a seizure disorder AND had a whopper of a seizure this past week – had to stay in the emergency hospital overnight.   He’s now on three medications to try and keep his seizures under control.   See why I’m asking you all to keep him in your prayers?    He’s just a little guy and we hope no more seizures for him if we all just keep him in our prayers.

Now – onward to my selfie.    Mom seemed to think it was pretty cute that I was snoozing under the tree……………I happen to love it under there – it’s quiet and cozy and – well – nobody else but ME can possibly get under there so it’s private too!    Here I am:

My head on Dad’s train railroad track.   Snoozing away.   Mom did a little Lunapic magic to this photo though and then Christmasized it.    Here’s how THAT turned out:

Mom added Lunapic’s “SPACE” filter then Pizapped a Christmas frame around it and I think it looks dreamy – you can almost hear me snoozing away.

If you’re up for a puzzle, Mom made this for you!

Just click on this mini-me and have fun with the puzzle!!


Happy Christmas to All and to All a GOODNIGHT!

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfies


WOO HOOOOO!!!!   Sunday is here and all of us get to do a selfie to share with the universe courtesy of our hosts the Kitties Blue!    Wanna join us?  Good- just click on the badge above and do it.   Then you’ll be one of the in crowd.   Tee Hee

My selfie today is a FLASHBACK.    Not that I have a lot of years behind me to flash back on but Mom didn’t have any NEW photos of me so we’re flashing back to the Sunday Selfie we did on September 17th last year………MY HOW I’VE GROWN!    hahahaha

The fact of the matter is that even though Mom used this photo as my Selfie in September of 2017, this photo was taken about a week after I was adopted from the shelter by my parents in February, 2017.   I was still in the “am I the luckiest kitty in the world to live here or not?!” stage.   The answer of course was YES YOU ARE – but here I am lounging on Angel Sammy’s favorite fleece blankie and no doubt I was dreaming about him – wishing I’d known him.    Now here’s what Mom did to that perfect fine photo of me to “artify” it up for that Selfie.    I prefer THE un-artsy version above myself!

You need sunglasses to look at this Mom!   What were you thinking?    Well, if you’re inclined to want to do a puzzle – I did one for you but something tells me it would be frustrating other than around the border.   Know what I mean?    Who’s for FRUSTRATION this Sunday?   Here you are:

Just click the mini-photo and have fun!

Speaking of Fun – Have a FUN Sunday!   

Love, Teddy