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Teaser Tell All Time


HERE WE ARE!  Back again for TELL ALL time………..

How’d you students like the challenge yesterday?    It took a while but we DID have a winner……a FIRSTIE as we call it.     One unusual thing is that when we went LIVE yesterday it took a couple of minutes before a student commented – everybody was a little thrown by the early time I think.

Well I only overslept a little bit!

Anyway, we DID have a First Commenter and who was that lucky student?????

Drumroll Please!

Sharon of Friends Furever!!!!!!!!

She’s ALWAYS a Firstie!

No she isn’t always – just OFTEN!    HAHA    Anyway, this badge is for you Miss Sharon!!

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of July 21, 2020! YAY FOR ME!

Then we waited…………………and waited……………to see who would be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………………….here’s the photo all of you were agonizing over:

A very pretty spot even if we DO say so ourselves!    It was suggested as a good location for a Teaser by our friend Miss Stephanie whose cat Gracie probably told her Mom to let us know it might be a FUN Teaser.    Thanks Miss Steph and Gracie…………………….

Where is this photo from?    What pretty village is this?    Well it’s BOBBIO, ITALY that’s where!     Here’s another photo of this picturesque village we found………..certainly looks like a great place to wander around doesn’t it?     Also we have a link with info about Bobbio.

Here’s a link to more info!    CLICK HERE

WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you might ask????????????????????????????????????


CLOWIE – our FABULOUS Security Supervisor !!!!!

Way to go Clowie – you sniffed out the answer before anyone else did – this is for you!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 21, 2020!!


Then we had a bunch of you guess Bobbio after Clowie figured it out FIRST………………………so if you were right too, then you get one of these badges (copy it and it’s yours!):

I guessed the Teaser RIGHT from July 21, 2020 but unfortunately I was NOT FIRST!!!!!!

And those of you who tried – guessed but were WRONG………….well you still get a badge…………………………..a famous GREENIE:

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of July 21, 2020!

Well done students!!!!

Don’t be sad – maybe next week will be YOUR week!

Now let’s all head to the cafeteria for something to either celebrate with or cheer us up depending on if you won or not shall we??????

Students – I hope you brought your appetites with you!  We’ve got a lot of choices for you today!

What’s For Lunch Today:

Congratulations Badge Winners and see you all NEXT Tuesday for more fun!   

Your Professors



Teaser Tell All AND More…..


Class Is In Session!

(Looks Like SHOW AND TELL Day To Me!)

Hello Class!

Good Morning Professor Sammy!

We get to find out the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser this morning.   I just KNOW you’re all dying to find out WHO our Guest Teaser was, WHERE the photo was taken, and of course WHO won badges this week right?

Yes Professor Sammy!

OK then let’s get to it.    First of all, I believe we should say that the FIRST PERSON to comment yesterday commented two minutes after we went live……..I’m only mentioning that because I think it was the FIRST TIME EVER someone wasn’t there the second we went live!    But the first one to get here yesterday was (wait for it……):

Miss Pix !!!   Here’s her BLOG

YAY Miss Pix – you win this:

Now for the Teaser info………………it was a Guest Teaser, and our “Guest” was my cat friend Gracie and her Mom Miss Stephanie from HERE and it was a photo that a friend of Miss Stephanie said we could use for a Teaser…….here it is one more time for you to see!

This photo was taken on the streets of Milan, Italy…………and I am embarrassed to say that a few of you noticed something Mom and I had NOT noticed which is there’s an Italian flag on one of the buildings along the street which was a bit of a “hint” we didn’t even know we had!     It’s a pretty photo though isn’t it?   Colorful and interesting too!

So WHO guessed it first?

Miss Csilla from HERE

Wahooooo Miss Csilla – you win this:

Know what else?    There were several MORE of you who guessed Milan, Italy – lots of you noticed that flag and knew about the trams, etc. and guessed it right so those of you who did get this:

If you didn’t guess correctly – don’t feel bad – at least you stuck your toes in the water (hahaha) and guessed and for that effort, you all get the GREENIE!!!

Another SUCCESSFUL Teaser Tuesday bites the dust!

What do you say to a bit of a celebration with a cheer from our fluffy Cheerleader SuzieQ????   Oh yeah – before we call her in for a cheer, let me show you a photo I have of her when she’s angry – remember yesterday she said in her cheer something about not making her HUFFY because she’d get FLUFFY?    Some of you said you’d like to see her fluffy……are you ready for this – Don’t tell her I showed you this or she’s liable to get VERY fluffy OK?????????

See what I mean?   Kinda freaky huh?   OK – now remember – nobody tells her we showed her fluffiness right?

Settle down class…..here she comes……Shhhhhh!

Here I am cute as can be
Wigglin’ my buns for you for free
I don’t get paid to be here to cheer
But once in a while I can sneak a cold beer
Miss Pix commented first so good for you!
Miss Csilla guessed right first so let’s cheer for her too!
Next week we’ll get TOUGH I know we will
Cuz I know who our Guest is but that info I won’t “spill” !!

Thank you Suzie!   We may not pay you but we know how much you love to show off so you make a PERFECT cheerleader for our Teasers every week!    Let’s give her a hand class!

Assistant Prof Teddy and I will see you next week same time and place right?   Right!   It’s a DATE!  

Class Dismissed!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy

AND NOW for something completely different!     Some of you may remember that we have been hosting that world-traveling rock-n-roller ROCK boy Bashful from the Hotel Thompson where Bacon lives (HERE).    He’s been here a while but we were enjoying his visit so much that we were happy that he wanted to stay here and REST UP a bit before continuing his world travels.   He’s been just about EVERYWHERE and actually had been here to visit Angel Sammy before he was an Angel.

This time while he was here we concentrated on letting him get some REST and just “take it easy”…………We already showed you a couple of pix from his first days here but we’ll show you again in case you forgot.    The first thing he did when he arrived was visit Angel Sammy’s little memorial in Mom’s room:

That first night he was here, he slept in the guest room bed…….nice and cozy…….and took some books to bed with him to read – he was so tired it took him the whole rest of his visit to read them all!

Once in a while we’ve seen him curl up with a blankie and even take an extra nap during the day……..I’m telling you this was one POOPED rock when he got here!

When we took him shopping to make sure we had on hand some of his favorite foodables, guess what he headed for first:

Yep – Guinness……a rock-sized bottle of the stuff!

He also developed a fondness for another Virginia specialty – Virginia Diner Old Bay seasoned peanuts!

We couldn’t blame him – they are delish!

Teddy had a lot of fun getting to know him………..

Teddy showed him an “alternative” bed in the guest room that he might like to try out but Bashful thought it was a bit too FEMININE for a manly rock like him (we agree!):

Bashful thought Teddy’s Cat Scouts Trophy for his winning several categories in the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby race this year was rather impressive!!!

Every time Mom and Dad had a little road trip or expedition scheduled and invited Bashful to come along to sightsee, he declined – he just wanted to be with Teddy at the house – watching TV or playing games or just RELAXING.     So now that Bashful is about to head back home, we want you to know at the Hotel Thompson that he is RESTED and ready for more traveling and fun.   He has been the perfect guest and is welcome back at the Kimmell B&B any time he wants!

Bashful we’ll keep the light on inside the mini-cabin JUST for you!!!

Thanks for being our pal……..say hi to Bacon and all the gang back home for us!

Love, Angel Sammy, Teddy and Mom

Teaser Tell All



YAY!  Tell All Time!

I'm shakin' my bootie (I mean pom poms!)

I’m shakin’ my bootie (I mean pom poms!)

Guess what……………….go on – guess…………..c’mon………….OK, I’ll tell you………………NOBODY GUESSED THE TEASER THIS WEEK!    That’s right – everybody went all around the barn (or should I say all around the world) but nobody landed on the right spot and my Guest Teaser even thought that might be the case when SHE sent in the photo!    Here’s the photo again:


Now, granted it really WAS a tough Teaser……….it really was……….but I thought someone might get the right COUNTRY at least.   Before I get to the details, I want to thank my Guest Teaser, Miss Stephanie whose cat Gracie is one of my besties at Scouts and on her blog HERE.    The photo was snapped by Gracie’s parents while they were on a vacation in (drum roll please):

Fusignano, Italy !

This is a beautiful little town which Miss Stephanie says was very hard hit during World War II…..in fact this building – the church – was the only building that was NOT hit by bombs.   Amazing.   Anyway, she told me when she sent it in that she thought it would be a TOUGHIE and it sure as heck was.   Thank you Miss Stephanie and Gracie!

Thanks to Miss Stephanie and Gracie for being GUEST TEASERS!

Thanks to Miss Stephanie and Gracie for being GUEST TEASERS!

One thing I did have is a FIRST COMMENTER (of course!)……………and who was it this week?   It was Fozziemum (Bev Green) who was probably commenting before she headed off to beddy since she’s “Down Under” in Australia – my AM is her PM.    Concatulations Fozziemum!   This is for you!

First Commenter!

First Commenter!

Nobody gets the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and nobody gets a RIGHT GUESSER badge this week………………………..they’ll just sit up on the Badge Shelf waiting for someone to be right NEXT week I guess, but in the meantime, I have some GREENIES to pass out for all of you who had no clue or guessed wrong!    I also have a SPECIAL GREENIE for my friends at The Cat On My Head who asked me to frame theirs for them.   HAHAHAHAHAHA

Everyone – help yourselves to one of these babies!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

AND – this is for you Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head:

TEASERBADGECATONHEAD(hope you like the frame!)

I hope you’ll come back NEXT Tuesday when I’ll try to fool you again – we’re starting off 2016 with some goodies yes?   Remember, if you have a photo you think will STUMP Teaser Fans, send it to my Mom and me…………we’ll use it one of these weeks and let you know ahead of time so you can sit and watch the guesses coming in…………….it’s FUN!


Happy Teasing! 

Hugs, Sammy



Teaser Tell All



It’s that time again!



MAY I HAVE THE ENVELOPE PLEASE (oops – wrong program)

The mystery will be revealed NOW!

The mystery will be revealed NOW!

Yesterday’s Teaser was a REAL, genuine Teaser wasn’t it?  However, within a fairly short time, I had the correct guess in my inbox.   BUT first things first……………….here’s the photo from yesterday!

TEASERSEP22-2015-8 - Copy

This is the lovely town of Comacchio, Italy.   Located in Ferrara Province, this village is known for eel fishing!   Here’s some information on this charming town in Italy which is (by the way) known as “Little Venice” for obvious reasons………..  CLICK HERE

Who was my Guest Teaser?  It was my friend Gracie of “Goodness Gracie” blog and one of my besties from Cat Scouts.  Her parents had been there on a trip – THANKS GRACIE, this is for you!

Thanks Gracie and Miss Steph!

Thanks Gracie and Miss Steph!

Who was the very FIRST COMMENTER this morning?   It was my Mom’s friend Miss Dianna of “These Days of Mine” blog!   This is for her:


Who was my very FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this morning?  Why it was Flynn from “Two Devon Cats” blog!   This is for you my friend:


And there were a couple of other RIGHT GUESSERS……………………anyone who guessed Comacchio, Italy – THIS IS YOURS:


Were you wrong?  Were you clueless?  Were you needing a GREENIE to add to your collection?   Good – this is for you:


Who knows where the fickle finger of fate (aka my Mom’s imagination) will take us NEXT Tuesday but we’ll come up with another challenge you can bet on that for sure!   So until then…..


Love, Sammy the Tease Guy


Teaser Tell All


Hi Teaser Fans!

Well, it was one heck of a Teaser wasn’t it?  Just a little bit of architectural detail – not enough to give it away but just enough to TEASE!!!   Here’s the photo one last time:


Interesting photo of a MOST interesting place, and rather than TELL you where it is, I think you’ll get it figured out from these next shots of the SAME location……

And you probably recognize Michelle from My Three Moggies there holding up “THE TOWER” right?  Yes indeed – she was our Guest Teaser this week!   Thank you Miss Michelle!!!!!   You see why I didn’t use those photos for the Teaser?  I do believe they would have given it all away.

Now for the news you’ve all been waiting for……………who was the First Right Guesser this week….well, it was Doggy who guessed Pisa, Italy PRECISELY!   So this my friend is yours for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

HOWEVER, I must mention that almost precisely at the moment the Teaser blog went “live” I had a guess from Misaki that it was “Italy”…..technically correct but not a city named and THAT was one of the requirements this week – Country and City.  So Misaki you get this:

Special Misaki Cuddle For Almost Guessing First!

Those of you who also guessed Pisa, Italy get the HUG!!!!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And those of you who were clueless – you know I love you too and you get this:


Everybody happy?   Good!!!!   Now onward to next Tuesday…………….meanwhile Happy Tell All day to you all.

Warm Kitty Hugs, Sammy