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Teaser Tell All


Oh you all are so SMART!   I can’t seem to fool you – at least not ALL of you – on Tuesdays anymore!  You’re so sharp these days with google OR you’ve all traveled all over the world and seen everything because someone ALWAYS guesses the Teaser.

Don’t get me wrong……I’m HAPPY that you recognize what you’re seeing – and I’m also happy that so many of you guess right – it’s kinda cool don’t you think????   This week we had a NEW “First Right Guesser” who has NEVER won the big purple badge before……….that’s right – it was her very first win of the award.  Let me show you TWO photos of this week’s Teaser location because I only used the one of the dome – I didn’t use the other one because there were license plates visible on the cars AND some shop signs I thought might give it away…………..

This is, as many of you guessed, Belfast, Ireland’s beautiful City Hall.   Specifically, the photo you all saw was (this next bit is a quote from our Guest Teaser!!) ” the dome of Belfast’s City Hall which dominates Donegall Square and is bang in the city centre. It was built in 1888 when Belfast became a city. Made of Portland Stone, it was designed by Brumwell Thomas who had to sue the authorities to get his fees. Though he did get a knighthood in 1906 when it was completed.  Outside is a statue of Edward Harland of Harland and Wolff fame, and also  a memorial to those who died when the Titanic sank. The Titanic was built at the Harland and Woolf shipyards in Belfast.  Both my photos were taken from close by the Linen Hall Library which is one of the most wonderful libraries you could imagine.”

I want to thank my Guest Teaser, Isobel from Isobel and Cat blog (her blog is fabulous and her cat is a ginger like me only he’s WAY more handsome!!).  Isobel also has a lot of fabulous photos on her blog – she lives in “The Smoke” (London) and obviously loves her town.  If you haven’t visited her before, you should!

Now for the news you’ve all been waiting for – who is our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????????   It was The Paris Cat!  If you haven’t visited this blog, you should – her cat Brucy rules but there are many interesting things to be found on this blog and please do drop by for a peek if you aren’t familiar with her.   This is for you Marija!   Congratulations on being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for the very FIRST time!

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

Then in short order after her guess came in, there were others – Bad Cat Chris, My Three Moggies, Hailey Chronicles, Easy, Mollie and on and on and on…….SO many of you guessed Belfast!  You all get this!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And all of you who didn’t guess right – you’re still winners………………..everyone who comes here on Tuesday is a winner in my book because I honestly think you all enjoy taking a peek at the photos and taking a leap of faith and guessing!   BUT, you all get this:


So thanks again to Miss Isobel and congratulations again to The Paris Cat ! 

Next Tuesday we will have one of my Mom and Dad’s vacation photos for the Teaser………and you know they’ve been EVERYWHERE (although they have never been in Belfast!!!!)

So stay tuned. 



Maybe I’ll fool you next time??