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Happy Bacon Day!


Oh boy – oh joy – it’s International Bacon Day! 

So I'm celebrating!

So I’m celebrating!

It’s a big day around here…..well, everywhere that bacon is loved and appreciated I suppose because it’s actually an International Bacon Day so that covers everybody everywhere!  When I found out about this special day I had to do some research and what better spot than the blog 365 Days of Bacon which my good friends Miss Caren and Cody from Cat Chat told me about!  WHO KNEW????!!!!!  Was I ever excited about the news!

As you know we always have bacon with our breakfast around here on weekends and today Mom is making EXTRA just so we can celebrate in style.   The way I go on about the stuff you’d think I eat packages of the stuff right?  Well the truth of the matter is that I only eat a tiny piece.  That’s all I want really.  I’m not a (pardon the expression) PIG when it comes to having bacon.

My Mom got into the spirit of the occasion though and in honor of the day, my Mom brought out SOME (and I mean some) of her pawsome and extensive collection of piggies – she’s collected them for YEARS.  People have gifted them to her, she’s bought them on her world travels, and we find them in shops and stores all over the place.  Mom has a special little display cabinet in her studio with them and just for me (because I said “Pretty Please With Bacon On Top”) she got some down and took a few photos of them so I could share!

Ceramic, cloth, rubber, wooden....Mom's got all kinds of piggies!

Ceramic, cloth, rubber, wooden….Mom’s got all kinds of piggies!


An "aerial shot" of piggy heaven on the guest bed!

An “aerial shot” of piggy heaven on the guest bed!


Pretty cool huh?   She has others – including a pig her Mom had that she bought when they all lived in Taiwan many years ago.  It was carved out of some kind of dark wood and is one of my Mom’s favorites.   I think they’re quite cute and when Mom was taking these photos I tried to eat a few of them and/or steal them and run off with them.  They are NEVER out of their cabinet so this was a treat to sniff see them up close!

Also, I want to say that if you don’t know a little piggy who has a blog whose name is “Bacon” you should today of all days go over and introduce yourself to him HERE – and if you DO know him, make sure and stop by because he does – after all – have an INTERNATIONAL day named after him since it’s International Bacon Day!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day – I sure am enjoying it so far……………………”Hey Mom……………bring on the bacon” !!!!!



So Excited!


Happy Friday!  You know today is Monster Day here but I’m so excited I don’t even CARE about that………..nope – sure don’t.  Why am I so excited you might ask?????  Well, yesterday I found out that Saturday, THIS SATURDAY, August 31st is “International Bacon Day” !   Our friend Miss Caren at CAT CHAT told us about a blog called 365Days  of Bacon and sure enough – it’s TRUE.   Saturday is the BIG DAY!

Oh boy!  Me swimming in a pool of bacon!

Oh boy! Me swimming in a pool of bacon!

I have lots of piggies as friends of course but none of them are “bacon type piggies” if you know what I mean so I’m thinking all of us should celebrate don’t you???  Anyway, thinking about that will keep me occupied today while Mom does the Monster thing………

One really funny thing Mom did since we were talking about bacon is google “funny bacon things” and there were too many to show or list here but you should try googling that and see what pops up – you might be amazed (or horrified or maybe squirt your coffee out your nose???). 

I have to be careful though about being TOO excited about bacon because – well – Mom needs to be reminded that while I do adore a bit of bacon on weekends when she and my Dad have it with their breakfast, in the end she’s the most important thing to me – NOT bacon….really….honest…..I mean it!…….

I even made this poster JUST for her!

I even made this poster JUST for her!

I guess I’ll have to come up with something extra special tomorrow though since it is, after all, International Bacon Day.  Can’t let a BIG day like that go unnoticed or unrecognized now can I ?????