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SPARKS on Monday


Monday!  Again!  Yep – it shows up regularly and we use it a lot as a “springboard” for launching the rest of our week.   So Monday is kind of important…….a fresh start maybe.    SPARKS Blog Hop is the idea of my friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader.   Her idea is to share an inspirational thought, photo, quote – something that might bring more LIGHT into this sometimes dark world of ours – so the Hop is our way of adding our feelings and sharing them.   Want to join us?  Please do – click her badge above and add your link.   We’ll stop by and see what SPARK you have for this Monday!

My SPARK this week is EVER so simple……………..it’s about LOVE.    Love is NOT complicated – or at least it doesn’t HAVE to be.   We can make it complicated or let it just be what it is – pure and simple and so very CLEAR if we just let it be what it is.    So without a lot of other flowery words, here is my message and my SPARK:


Delicate yes but also STRONG and CLEAR……………..

Happy Monday!

Hugs, Pam



SPARK on Monday


A Monday Spark……

Time for a bit of SPARKLE – it’s Monday – but it’s also the last Monday we will have before Valentine’s Day so we are sharing a thought in honor of that occasion…………!   This is a GREAT Blog Hop hosted by our good friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader.    She thinks (and we agree!) that the world can sometimes be a little “short” on inspiration in a positive direction.    Lifting the spirit, directing us to move forward within our own inner power, adding some light to dark corners.   She’s right – it works and that’s why we encourage YOU to join the Hop – just click Annie’s blog badge above and link up.   You’ll be GLAD you did.

Here’s our thought for Valentine’s Day…………………


We hope you are enjoying the RIDE……………even if LOVE has left us too soon – the experience of LOVE is a forever thing……………..always and forever in the heart.    Enjoy every single minute of it and relive it when you need a WARM HUG.

Hugs, Pam